The Positives Of Marriage Outweigh The Negatives

By Ilex Bien-Aime

This message is for the fellas out there, we need to be careful when we speak to our non married friends about marriage. I was talking to a friend the other day about marriage when one of his friends over heard us. He said something that really made me think about the way married men portray marriage. Often times when we talk about the subject, we say negative things. Instead of truly focusing on the positives, we usually speak unflatteringly.

Often times married men make marriage seem as if it were the worst thing ever. Before I got married I can’t tell you how many times I heard guys call their wives things like the warden or the slave master. It seems as if many of us are saying that our wives are trying to control us or take away our fun. I used to think to myself, why am I going to get married because married men seem so miserable. In my opinion when we do this, we do a disservice to our single friends.

Don’t get me wrong, marriage is difficult. If you are expecting me to say that everyday is like sipping Piña Coladas and making love under the pale moonlight, you would be sadly mistaken. When I talk to my friends about marriage, I try to give them a more positive spin. I tell them that often times marriage is difficult because human beings are flawed. I can’t go around speaking negatively about my wife without seriously acknowledging my own issues. Let’s face it, we are selfish beings. When we get married, often times we think of ourselves as two individuals living together but not truly as one. We want to do what we want to do and go when we want to go without considering the other person.

I get mad at my wife sometimes and honestly I have negative thoughts but as I said before, human beings are selfish. My wife is truly my help meet and she has my best interest at heart. She may suggest to me that I don’t spend money on something, not because she is trying to control my spending or take away my fun, she does it because she can see things that I may not see or choose to ignore. I can be an impulsive shopper and I end up buying things that I don’t need or plain just don’t use. When I am fighting with my wife about these things, at that moment I am thinking that she is trying to control me but often times afterwards I realize that she is trying to consult me.

Honestly, I have no business speaking negatively about marriage and some of my friends don’t either. Marriage has been great to me. I have a beautiful wife who has my back and wants nothing but love and respect from me in return. I know that I have a friend and a partner who I can confide in and that feeling is comforting to me. Yes marriage is difficult and sure my wife is not perfect but I wouldn’t trade her for the world. So the next time someone asks me about marriage, I would tell them that it is work but the rewards outweigh the negatives!

My name is Ilex Bien-Aime and I live in Washington, DC with my lovely wife. I write as a man who has seen women mistreat themselves and who have allowed themselves to be mistreated. I write as a man who wants to give my future daughters a guideline on how to deal with men. Lastly I write what I write because my female friends are always asking my opinion about these situations. Connect with Ilex at or via email

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  1. Ilexbienaime
    Ilexbienaime says:

    Thank you Walt!!!

  2. Walt K
    Walt K says:

    Salute to my man Ilex. You hit right on the head with your choice of words.
    I’m not married AT THE MOMENT, but I intend on my making my beautiful lady Mrs. Walt K despite the negative feedback I got/get from a lot of married cats. I use to let their words intimidate me from ever wanting to get married but I know better now.
    My lady and I are learning on the job of what it takes to keep us us. Like anybody else, we don’t see eye to eye on everything but we make sure we come to some common ground every time. We learn from that experience by praying on it, asking for HIS guidance and we keep it moving.
    Our Lord and Savior has open our eyes to realizing its not about You its about US. Until married men AND women understand that, they will continue to portray married negatively. Filling the heads of those who want to get married with doubt and confusion.

    In ending, I say to those who want to get married find Christ. HE will lead you to knowing what to do not your nay saying friends.

    God Bless.

  3. Loretta
    Loretta says:

    This is a wonderful article. A healthy view from man's perspective. Thank you!

  4. Ilex b
    Ilex b says:

    Thank you Talia!!!

  5. Talia
    Talia says:

    I am so happy a MAN is putting out there that that marriage is not the worst thing in the world!!! I am sending this article to my brother. He's been dating the same girl for like 6 years and is so scared of getting married mainly because of things my cousins , his friends, and my own father say. Ilex your opinion is NEEDED!!!! Thank you! You've got a fan here!

  6. Ilex b
    Ilex b says:

    Thank you Phil!!!

  7. Phil
    Phil says:

    thanks for this honest look at marriage from a male perspective. I appreciate your words

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