VIDEO: Til’ Death Do Us Part…Former NFL Player Christ Draft Loses Wife To Cancer 1 Month After Wedding

By Team BLAM

Former NFL Linebacker Chris Draft (he previously played for the Chicago Bears, San Francisco 49ers, Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, St. Louis Rams, and Buffalo Bills.) lost his wife Keasha Rutledge-Draft to cancer on Tuesday. One month after the two tied the knot. Watch this video from their wedding to see a representation of TRUE LOVE.

We have to admit…our eyes were full of tears after viewing this video. Love, light and prayers are being sent from all corners of the globe to the Rutledge and Draft families. May Mrs. Draft sleep in peace….

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  1. Tonya Williams
    Tonya Williams says:

    This is one of the most amazing acts of love I think I have ever witnessed…my thoughts and prayers go out to this family

  2. Veronique Sandes
    Veronique Sandes says:

    Absolutely beautiful. . .and yes I'm stil crying as I type this.

  3. thekreativecorner
    thekreativecorner says:

    What a beautiful example of love. May her soul be at peace and he find comfort in the loving memories share during their time together.

  4. Tee
    Tee says:

    Life is so uncertain for all we can do is live it without any regrets, I am told to love is a choice you make. I pray her spirit will give him peace in knowing it is well. God Bless!

  5. Johnita Campbell
    Johnita Campbell says:

    What a beautiful and powerful story. It was heartbreaking as well. May God bless the families. Rest in peace Mrs. Draft.

  6. del
    del says:

    Amazing.So touching

  7. Tamisha
    Tamisha says:

    How sad but so sweet that she had a chance to be married to her man before she went. I pray that God strengthens Mr. Draft for I know it is hard to lose your life partner.

  8. Rhea
    Rhea says:

    Beautiful….I was in tears!!

  9. Perai
    Perai says:

    Yall weren't the only ones crying. This was soooooooooo moving. #True Love

  10. Arischa
    Arischa says:

    I wish I could see this video!! It must be a flash video because I can't see it on my iPad. Is it on YouTube?

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