What Do You Do When The Alarm Goes Off?…Do You Run And Hide or Face Your Fear?

Fear is necessary…it alerts us to physical and emotional danger.  Although it’s a part of who we are, sometimes we allow past experiences to assign fear to anticipated experiences when it may not even be necessary.  Simply put…we’re afraid for no damn reason.  A lot of times, fear is an involuntary response based on past conditioning, that we wish we didn’t have.  Sorry…the roots of your fear run deep so it’s gonna take some time to get over whatever issues have you emotionally petrified.  Really and truthfully eliminating fear is NOT THE POINT.  The more important point is, how do you deal with fear when it has you in it’s grip.  In this video we share an experience where fear held us hostage…and we also share a similar experience where we acknowledged the fear and stood tall and faced it.  Check it out and let us know what you think.

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  1. Gerald
    Gerald says:

    Peace and Blessings, The difference is then you didn't know who you are, compared understanding your purpose. In turn embracing your worth. The alarm you felt with in yourself is discernment. This is what define us all, however not until we able to invest in truly what and why can you understand it's worth. This takes courage, this what defines you. Along with with the the things that are your extensions.. But first it starts with in

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