VIDEO: What Does Your Hurt “Look” Like? Techniques For Real Talk.

VIDEO: One of the major issues in relationships is communication. In the classes we teach we often hear: someone isn’t talking enough, someone is talking too much, someone is always yelling, or someone doesn’t make sense. Does any of this sound familiar. The reason why there are some message mixups in our communication is because we haven’t been properly taught how to communicate and how to approach subjects with your mate that may be a little bit uncomfortable. In this video we discuss a couple of techniques that will help you “open the door” for some REAL TALK and challenge you to make your communication more authentic and transparent.

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  1. Cynthia
    Cynthia says:

    Wow, great tools for communication. I think I will use the Wong-Baker scale with my children too.

  2. ABM4lyfe
    ABM4lyfe says:

    I appreciate the different approach…..I would be lying if I said it's gonna be easy. One of my challenges is that I go way over the top when I'm upset. If you gave me a crayon box i would have to struggle NOT to use it as a weapon when i'm angry. In all seriousness I'm gonna try to express myself differently.

  3. Lois
    Lois says:

    My daughter has sickle cell anemia and we got acquainted with this pain scale early in life. I never thought about using it as a tool for relationship building. Thanks for the advice

  4. Kandi
    Kandi says:

    Wow!!!…..You guys really gave some good ways to simplify communication. It seems like these techniques will soften the approach when talking about hard stuff

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