What??!! Houston Family Living In A Storage Unit Loses Custody Of Kids

Charlomane and Prince Leonard were doing just fine before the recession hit. But for the past three years, they’ve been forced to live with their six children in a self-storage unit in northeast Houston — a situation that they reluctantly accepted until Texas’s Child Protective Services came in and took custody of their children this week.

The storage unit that the Leonards have been living in is fully equipped with air conditioning, beds, a refrigerator, microwave, a tub and two computers. What they don’t have is running water — which was part of the reason the CPS came in and removed the children, ages 2 to 12. They kept their water in a 55-gallon drum that Prince Leonard refilled daily. They fill jugs of drinking water at grocery stores and use a “compost” toilet, Charlomane Leonard said.

She said the CPS visit was unexpected. The child protection authorities made their first visit and took the children on the same day, said her husband. She is still nursing her youngest. The children were placed with their maternal grandparents and the Leonards are permitted to see them just six hours a week. A hearing is scheduled for Aug. 16 to determine the family’s fate.

The only crime Charlomane Leonard is guilty of, she says, is having fallen on hard times. The Leonards have transformed the storage space into a home — a place that is nicer and safer than the rodent- and crime-infested motels and apartments the family had lived in before discovering the storage facility as a way to weather the recession. “We are not criminals, drug abusers or child abusers, just plain old loving parents who are working hard to secure a future for our children,” Charlomane Leonard said.  CLICK HERE to read the full story.

BLAM FAM…We’re of the opinion that this family should not lose their kids…..what do yall think?

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  1. K.O.
    K.O. says:

    Man…this is some crazy mess…instead of providing them with resources…they take these obviously well loved and cared for kids. I hope they get the help they need and get their kids back asap!

    • Nadine
      Nadine says:

      I called Anita Hassan the women who wrote the article in Houston Texas, she gave me their email, I received an email from the Leonard Family, I do have their phone number, Please send me a personal email and I will give you the phone number.

      Thank you

      • Ayize
        Ayize says:

        I will shoot you an email shortly. Thanks Nadine

  2. Nadine
    Nadine says:

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  3. Jay Nicole
    Jay Nicole says:

    Interesting that the story is in the "Real Estate" section of the AOL news…

  4. Patricia Knight
    Patricia Knight says:

    This family needs a good lawyer. It is the procedure of CPS in most every state to remove children when their parents don't have the means to provide a relative standard of living for them. This case is publicized, but there are many that are not. The children are removed based on what they call "environmental neglect", or some other type of neglect, if there are other needs not being met. This is a situation that black families in the innercity experience much more often than other families. The answer to this problem is to step in and help when we see a family is in danger of losing their children. Where were the relatives when this family needed help?? They ought to be ashamed. The time to help is BEFORE, not AFTER the kids are taken?!

  5. Cyn
    Cyn says:

    I’m glad the kids were placed with family although it does make me wonder where the family has been all this time. What saddens me is that if family hadn’t stepped up CPS would’ve gladly paid a foster family $500 a month per child instead of using that same money to help a family who was trying their best. Those kids weren’t abused or hungry and their parents were doing a damn good job with what they could afford.

  6. malikah
    malikah says:

    ok prior to READING the story I couldn't help but think you were nuts for saying give them their kids back. When I saw the title and thought of a storage unit this home that they have set up is not at all what came to mind. This is sad we all are one paycheck away from hard times.

  7. Lou (Linda)
    Lou (Linda) says:

    I'm grieved by this. CPS is a Nazi-ish organization if this is what they do! They showed up and took the kids on the same day?? This story just gets worse and worse. Those kids need to get back home NOW.

  8. Sandy Bee
    Sandy Bee says:

    That is not different than living in a double wide…WTH!

  9. Ashlei Mayadia
    Ashlei Mayadia says:

    WOW…this should not happen!

  10. Tonya Charles
    Tonya Charles says:

    Wow…just wow. Sometimes s*it happens and all you can do is make the best of it, which they were doing. There are a LOT of homes in America without running water so giving that as the reason to take the kids seems dim.

  11. Shonda Giddins
    Shonda Giddins says:

    This is a sad situation, they are doing the best they can without breaking the law. Instead of hurting them more they should be trying to help them.

  12. Onia Mayberry
    Onia Mayberry says:

    My prayers go out to the family. I don't blame them. I blame the state of Texas. Because times are hard and they take their slow time helping the people who really need it. I would do the same if I had too.

  13. Tamesha Brown
    Tamesha Brown says:

    I am APALLED as well!!!! At least they were doing what they had to do together! We got people killing kids getting better treatment! I say RECONCILE THIS FAMILY IMMEDIATELY and help them get the resources they need! It looks like they weren't asking for help very commendable effort to both parents!!!!! Shame on you Houston CPS:(

  14. Aaron
    Aaron says:

    Nosy A$$ neighbors need to mind their damn business. And if they got issues with what they see…try speaking to the family first before you get CPS involved

  15. Rene'
    Rene' says:

    This is insane. Look at the smiles on those kids faces. They may not have had much…but they were trying…and they loved their kids.

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