Who Are You Talking To Like That? STOP Criticizing Your Spouse.

By Irina Tveritina

No one likes for their faults to be displayed or called out in public. Your spouse is no different. Criticizing your spouse in public is a NO NO.

The reality is that there is not anything that justifies criticizing your partner in public. If a deed seems serious enough to need attention immediately it probably is of such a nature that it should be handled in private anyway.

Airing problems in public is the fastest road to take towards marriage destruction. Do not travel that road and if you are on it I highly suggest you take a detour immediately.

We are not talking about constructive criticism, we are talking about criticizing in a destructive manner. A word of caution is deserved here that any type of criticism should be carefully thought about before giving it in public. You want to allow your partner to save face at all costs.

Some partners say critical things to their marriage partner that they would have never thought about saying before marriage. I don’t believe the marriage license or even the marriage vows gave permission for one partner to embarrass the other in any way.

Some partners feel there spouse is a good sport and can take it! Shame on them for thinking that way! The partner is simply showing a forgiving spirit but over time they probably will build up resentment and bitterness for the crude treatment. Danger ahead signs are flashing loudly here.

Be careful not to always be pointing out the faults of your spouse. Remember everyone has faults and your faults don’t look smaller by pointing out your partner’s faults. In fact often times being critical just makes your faults appear bigger. Trust me on that.

Lift up your marriage by giving honor rather than criticism in public and it will have a lasting benefit that will serve you and your relationship for years to come.

Irina Tveritina has written for various publications on marriage and relationships.

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  1. Sharon
    Sharon says:

    Communication ain't no game. It's not a sport…danger definitely lies ahead if you don't do it properly and treat it respectfully

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