3 Reasons Why Oral Sex Means So Much To Your Man

A viewer recently wrote to us asking why is the “esteemed” blow job so significant to men? She said even when she’s willing to give the cookie…he occasionally indicates that he prefers fallatio. Why? In this video we give 3 reasons why a blow job means so much to your man. Enjoy.

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  1. tanisha
    tanisha says:

    Thanks for this.. This is very intereating… I love to give my husband a bj and he loves when I do it… Actually your right he gets more done when he gets a good bj….. Lol…thanks ill let my husband watch this as well…….

    • Simone
      Simone says:

      I agree with you Tanisha giving a good BJ is a great way to get hubby to do something around the house.

  2. kinda agree
    kinda agree says:

    I do agree somewhat, but as the reader wrote she is willing to give the cookie but he’d prefer that. I get the whole submission and all but really how is she having her needs fulfilled if he is the only one being relieved? I enjoy giving it to my husband and sometimes I get really turned on doing so, but often left with the woman’s ” blue balls “after. Lol.

  3. bakarimuhammad
    bakarimuhammad says:

    Love this one. Deep throat is good.

  4. Shalinacream
    Shalinacream says:

    I completely agree with you with you both. Giving a "BJ" to your man is a form of submission as well as trust in a major way. It's like I trust you with my life, my love, my heart and my health and I love you. I think men feel respected when they get a "bj" but at the same time they feel that they know that their woman truly love and appreciate him because that's not something that "some" women run around doing with any and every man. So he feels honored and "reverenced". I truly agree and I just thought to add my ten cent in. Keep up the great work and may God continue to richly bless you and your family.

  5. getitgurl
    getitgurl says:

    If you want him to do something "Get down on your knees"
    Great insight.

  6. Divine Studies
    Divine Studies says:

    Love the real mature adult talk…love ya as a couple. Peace and Blessing to you and the children.

  7. Shenell
    Shenell says:

    I love al of your views and points and I agree one hundred percent. I only wish that this would work on ny husband. He is the type man who wants it to be all about him and his way, If I were to ask for something after that I get nothing in return but I submit to my husband and I love him I am just waiting for the Lord to show him the way to please his me as his wife as I do him.

  8. tavonda
    tavonda says:

    Your khemistry with eachother is AMAZING!!!…Much 13Love~

  9. Ebony Rose
    Ebony Rose says:

    Very interesting video.
    I was listening to him and looking at the expressions on her face. lol
    Yall rock!

  10. Jasmine
    Jasmine says:

    Lol at Mrs. Ma'at "gettin tired, jaws hurt" @7:50. She ain't never lying about that.

  11. Alan
    Alan says:

    Oral sex is submission and couples should submit to one another. I think that's in the bible? Lol. I love this topic. Right on.

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