3 Signs That Indicate Your Ex Still Loves You

By John Onyeka

Does he want me back? It is a question you are in search for an answer to. You can’t do it. Despite the effort you make, moving on without your ex boyfriend will not just happen. How can it? You still have strong feelings for him and getting over him and falling in love with another man is futile. The problem you are encountering at the moment is you aren’t clear in your mind where his feelings are. You observe a few signs that you believe signify he still has feelings for you however you are in doubt. You fret that you are reading way more into his actions than he have in mind. Short of asking him if he still loves you, is there any other means to know? There are in fact several signs in his actions towards you.

1.  How often does he get in touch with you?

To determine whether he wants you back can be found in how often he gets in touch with you. A lot of men are feeling just as susceptible as women do after a relationship ends. They don’t want to take any risk again so soon so they keep things close to the vest. Despite the fact that he may not show up and say he wishes you’d offer him a another opportunity, the way he acts is going to say it for him. If your ex boyfriend still calls you then he still has lingering feelings for you. If he wasn’t interested in you, he won’t contact you again. The fact that he calls to make small talk or wants to see how you are confirms that he still cares about you.

2.  Has he started dating again?

Has your ex boyfriend started dating again? The answer to this question is going to reveal to you much regarding where his feelings are. If he has moved on, he’d have begun dating another girl. If he has gone weeks or months after the relationship ended and still hasn’t started dating again, then it’s obvious that he still cares about you. Just reflect back to the time you broke up in the past with a man you didn’t have any feelings for. You probably began dating another person soon, right? If your boyfriend wasn’t hoping that the two of you would get back together again he would have done the same.

3.  How often does he reminisce about the past?

Also, take note of how much he talks about your past together. If a man regrets about what happened in the past, it is very telling. He wishes to have those closeness and feeling back. You ought to as well pay close attention to if he talks concerning how much he sincerely regrets certain things. After a relationship ends, if a man still has strong feelings for his girlfriend, he is going to have difficulty erasing the past. This is a huge sign to assist you in gaining insight into whether or not he really wants you back.

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  1. Tina T.
    Tina T. says:

    My ex was dating during our marriage to the present. He continued to call or made some type of contact to make small talk from the time I moved out until yesterday. I have dated but have not been in a serious relationship. So where do I fit in? I have no desire to be in a relationship with him, I wish him all the best.

  2. Marcus Hertzl
    Marcus Hertzl says:

    Two thing about this article/blog: 1. Is this true when it comes to women? How can one tell if a woman still loves a man after a break up? Why is this piece only one sided? 2. These explanations can be misleading because of their vagueness. A PERSON may not go on to date another for a very long time after their break up, that is not an indicator that the person still loves their ex and wants to get back with them.

  3. Krystal
    Krystal says:

    So that's why I keep hearing that he's bringing my name up with his friends. Hmmm

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