5 Things You Can Do To Resolve Issues In Your Marriage NOW

It is time to lift the veil and admit that being married is only tough for those who are uneducated about marriage. Education  is the great equalizer no matter what.

Here are five simple ways to resolve marriage issues that you can start using right now.

1) Stop being angry with your spouse and stop demonstrating your anger.

Anger is the equivalent of doggy do. It stinks, it sticks, and nobody wants to step in it. If you are angry with your spouse all you are doing is blocking the sunshine of love. Don’t try to tell me you can’t help it. It is your mind that is infected with anger and it is YOU who can rid your mind of that anger or at the very least control your response to your anger. If your spouse is angry at you then you need to become very compassionate and understanding without pandering.

2) Stop making such a big deal of things you won’t even remember tomorrow

The world is constantly poking at you, I know. But don’t take it out on your spouse. If they do something that appears to be offensive towards you it is up to you to remind yourself that they are not perfect either and obviously suffering at the hands of the world also. Face the world together. It is better to take things in stride by looking past them and seeing the love in the heart of your spouse. That is what attracted you to them in the first place. Look past everything else and love them with all your heart.

3) Re-evaluate your expectations

Most people live day to day looking forward to a vacation or a birthday party. Be different; think of ways you can improve yourself as a human being and focus on that work. If you do that your expectations about how you should be treated and what is fair will soon dissipate and cause you no more grief.

4) Become a channel of God’s love

When you see yourself as a working servant for God you won’t have time to entertain so-called issues within your marriage because you will be too busy showing your spouse how much you love them.

5) Be grateful for what you get and what you have

The suffering in this world is more than anyone could bear and the potential you have for love and security is a gift you should accept with an open and grateful heart.

The rules for a harmonious marriage are accessible to everyone. And the logic behind using the rules could not be simpler….it’s us who make things complex. So,  follow the rules and have a great marriage!

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