[Ask The Ma’at’s] Is It Ok For My Man To Have “Close” Female Friends?

VIDEO: Thanks so very much for what you are bringing our community. More blessings to you for caring enough to conceive! My question is regarding my current relationship of three years. My boyfriend (former fiance but we decided to slow down) moved geographically closer to build a relationship with good intention and so we continue to work through the rough edges, etc. However, he feels its okay to maintain friendships with women he describes as his close friends (a couple of whom are ex-girlfriends). These friendships consists of phone conversations and possibly infrequent visits since they reside several miles away. I spoke with one of the women on the phone and she confirmed the friendship. I would like to know your thoughts on this. In my opinion, i think he may be lacking in self-esteem/self-value and really looks to those who provide him a host of “feel-good” (in other words, mine may not be enough).

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  1. Atlanta Angel
    Atlanta Angel says:

    Real Talk!

  2. Bishop Eugene
    Bishop Eugene says:

    Love the video it really hit home…

  3. Kimberly Anne
    Kimberly Anne says:

    I agree 100%! No close female friends for him, no close male friends for me. HE is my closest friend.

  4. Sav Telly
    Sav Telly says:

    Lol!!!!!! Yall are adorable! Great video. My hubby has no close female friends either. And i have no close male friends. Its just not even an issue for us.

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