6 Signs Your Relationship Is In Trouble

By Ruth Purple

It’s normal to have “ups and downs” in a romantic affair. But when the “down” part seizes most of your togetherness, then you have to assess: Is your relationship in trouble? One of the basic keys on how to save a relationship is being aware of it signs. Here are the signs of a troubled relationship.

1.  First is when you don’t have faith in each other anymore. Love can be developed and trust can be rebuilt. But when your faith in each other or in the relationship itself is gone, it will already be difficult to have a blissful union. You know it’s gone when you start to believe that everything within the relationship is only as good as it gets but you don’t like it.

2.  You lose hope in making the relationship grow thus you will be forever floating and stagnating. Not only that, you do not make an effort to correct things anymore. You just give up doing nothing about your failing affair. If you think that you are about to lose your faith in the relationship, it is best that you contemplate and ponder if everything is worth saving or not.

3.  Because we don’t lose something as important as faith for no apparent reason. Another sign of a troubled relationship is you can’t talk sensibly to your partner anymore. You notice that every time you have a conversation, you end up feeling disappointed, alone and empty, if not, arguing. The communication is almost none existent.

4.  You don’t know what’s going on with each other and you don’t care as long as he does his share in your relationship. You sometimes feel exhausted just being with your partner. The silence between both of you inside the car when driving to or from work seems unbearable that you can’t wait to get out.

When this happens, you have to break the silence and say things as it is. You have to let your partner know that you have pent-up issues within the relationship. Do not nest it inside you as it will make you a stranger to each other. When you become strangers to each other, you will find yourself arguing about trivial matters.

5.  Both of you are easily irritated. When people are together for a long time, it’s normal to develop a bit of disparity. Hence, arguing may not necessarily be a sign of a troubled relationship. However, you have to be aware of the reason/s of what you are arguing about. When arguing becomes a common scenario, it goes without saying that somehow you don’t look forward to be with your partner anymore, and it’s another sign of a troubled relationship.

6.  Why in the first place are you together when you can’t stand being with each other? Yes, enthusiasm can sometimes wane in a relationship, especially when you have been together for the longest time, but it recurs, it never permanently disappears. So always strive to retain that passion for each other.

It is essential if you want to have a meaningful affair. When enthusiasm disappears, domino effect happens. Intimacy ceases to exist and you find yourself longing to be with another person. These signs of a troubled relationship are for people who are unsure of their love life. If you are one of those people, I hope telling you these signs somehow helped you figure out if you’re treading on steady or rocky grounds.

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  1. Elle Royal
    Elle Royal says:

    do you have any good news to share? this is dissapointing. but i guess the reality must be realized. cause folk do tend to stick thangs out that need to be let go of. People are quick to tell you to "Stick With It". They tell you this whenever a problem arises. I say you got to know what to stick wit. You know? I think this is the point of you article. I agree, there are some things that you have to let go of, and move on from. I read about a man who lost a few limbs because he stuck with it. Any, i hear ya. :^)
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