Are You Playing Hide and Seek In Your Relationship?

VIDEO: If relationships and people were all the same “color”, “tone”, and “speed” then they’d be quite uneventful and boring. Fortunately relationships are comprised of two unique individuals that have different ways of living, being and communicating. Sometimes these differences create relationship challenges where patterns of behavior unintentionally develop. The pattern that we frequently see among couples is one of HIDE -N- SEEK. Generally speaking as it pertains to relationship issues….one person is chasing to talk through and process an issue while the other person is running away to avoid and escape an issue. This pattern of behavior eventually becomes a vicious cycle where both parties are entrenched in their roles. We become so attached to our roles that somehow without realizing it we become more more committed to playing out our parts (pursuer or withdrawer) than really looking at whether or not this behavior is working for or against us. This is unfortunate because more often than not this Hide-N-Seek routine does not lead to resolution of the issues…but rather frustration, anger, and resentment. So, what do you do??? The pursuers reading this are thinking “We have to talk!” and the withdrawers  reading are thinking “He or She has to get off my back!” Well, rest easy. We have the solution. Listen in and learn how to break this crazy and vicious cycle.

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  1. Blackman
    Blackman says:

    I enjoyed this video Immensely .It Hit home for me.Because i have been the chaser.Now When That She sees I'm Doing Me .She wants to all of a sudden know what's Up all the time.

  2. Patricia Knight
    Patricia Knight says:

    Ladies, while you give the brother some space, go get your hair done! That's what I do. By the time I get back, he's the one ready to talk.

    This works great for us, as my hairdresser is right here in the neighborhood, and an acquaintance of ours. She enjoys the business, I enjoy the pampering, and my husband enjoys the way I look when I return. A win, win situation for all involved!

  3. Cherry32able
    Cherry32able says:

    I loved when Aiyana moved closer to the camera. It felt like she was talking directly to me. ? That was pretty cool. Love this couple!

  4. MeekInWisdom
    MeekInWisdom says:

    You guys are great… I wouldn't be able to say it enough. A phenomenal and beautiful black couple. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and no nonsense approach? to relationships. That's the only way to be. I love you guys! Keep up the good work!

  5. Jei Babi
    Jei Babi says:

    Wow just saw this right in time cause i was just about to say fuck this marriage cause im tired of chaseing, but you right ima just stay? focused on myself and it is what is after that.

  6. kiwisexycool
    kiwisexycool says:

    Oh wow you guys are such a positive couple!!! I love you guys!!!

    I really enjoyed this video because I am a young woman who lives with her bf and I feel like I am the person pursuing all the time & he is the hider. I? love the advice to stop and just focus on myself! Best advice ever and I am ready for progress & a shift of good energy from doing so! Thank you!!

  7. Laini
    Laini says:

    Waiting for a man to talk about heart matters is like waiting Republicans and Small Business Owners to start hiring again………they say, "relax, we'll do the right thing………just wait……". Obviously a man's need to wait/think/hum/haw/process a rebut, far outweigh their lovers' need to resolve.

  8. Leslie
    Leslie says:

    This is so true!!!

  9. Chris
    Chris says:

    You are absolutely right….if my lady would ease up off me some I would be more inclined to move towards her and talk about some stuff that's on her heart.

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