All People Have The Capacity To Change

Have you ever wondered if the man or woman you married will ever change?  We usually ask these questions when we’re frustrated or fed up with the current state of things in our relationship.  It’s during these times that we’ve identified our “significant other” as the source of our daily stress.  But guess what, they’re not the only source of stress…you bring stress to your relationship too.  While you’re frustrated and fed up, your spouse is probably frustrated and fed up too.  We don’t believe it has to stay that way because ALL PEOPLE HAVE THE CAPACITY TO CHANGE.

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  1. Ayan
    Ayan says:

    Inspiring video thanks.

  2. Debbie A
    Debbie A says:

    Thank you for this!! Resonates with what I believe in.. We all can change .. situations change .. we just got to make the effort to do so ourselves, on our own with no pressure from someone else (can't change someone else they have to do that on their own). God bless!

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