I Can’t Stand That I Get So Nervous Around Women…I Tremble.

VIDEO: A guy has written in asking us how to get over the terror he experiences when he wants to approach a beautiful woman. He’s new to this country having recently come here from Africa and is tired of dealing with the intense anxiety he feels when it comes to approaching a woman. It’s so bad he says he literally shakes at the thought of it. Have you ever experienced excruciating fear about doing something? It could be asking someone out, having a dreaded conversation with your partner, or asking for a raise…it really doesn’t matter what the issue is…the solution is almost always the same. Accelerate your anxiety. Yup, that’s right–speed up and increase those feelings. How do you do that? By just doing the thing you are dreading (over and over again if you have to) and through the act of doing that monster called “your imagination” is brought down to size. One thing we know for sure is this: Whatever you dwell on and focus on becomes stronger. This gentleman can choose to either reinforce his fear or reinforce that fear is an illusion in the first place and that he is in control of his results. This is a lesson we could all stand to learn and learn well. It applies to so so many areas of our lives. You know how we do…Stop Playing. Start Pushing. Have you let fear grow unchecked somewhere in your life? Leave a comment letting us know if you can identify in any way or submit a video response. You know we want to hear from you.

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  1. Justin Mullen
    Justin Mullen says:

    Tell the woman your approaching that you are uncomfortable and a little anxious. She might be feeling the same way. I would go as far as to tell her you tremble in the pressance of her beauty.

  2. Rocco
    Rocco says:

    Accelerate the discomfort to eliminate the discomfort…..Hmmm I hadn't thought about that one. Good Advoce!

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