I Love You But You’re Waaay To Comfortable Around Me!

VIDEO: Remember when you and your sweetie were dating and you felt like your partner was flawless? You didn’t see or hear any of the “normal”behavior that makes your partner human. Well, in some households that lasts long after the wedding. In other households, not so much. Listen in as we discuss your level of comfort with your partner and whether or not they do things that just cross the line and suggest that they are waaay to comfortable around you. Or maybe it’s you….maybe you’re the one! 🙂 Tune in to see what what we’re talking about. Drop a comment or submit a video response. We want to hear from you!

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  1. Shonda W.
    Shonda W. says:

    Ok, so am I the only one who makes sure I do my best to NEVER do my business in the bathroom when my husband is around. I certainly would not pass gas around him or anyone else for that matter. Does anyone care any more about being a LADY???

    KENDRA CAREY says:

    If you can't be comfortable around your husband then you might be with the wrong person

  3. Dorene K
    Dorene K says:

    I say “let it out.” If this is your boo, your soulmate, nothing is off limits.

  4. Alisha
    Alisha says:

    My husband and I are extremely comfortable around each other. However occasionally he takes to much liberty with his flatulation.

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