And You Say He’s Just A Friend…

VIDEO: We’re re-visiting an old video that covers a basic relationship lesson that some people seem to have a hard time understanding. We’ve recently received quite a few letters about spouse’s maintaining questionable relationships with folks outside of the marriage. So, we decided it was worth running this issue again for those who are having a hard time getting it.

Now, It’s normal and healthy to have many relationships as you sojourn through life. However when you enter a marriage you need to make sure you appropriately manage the relationships you have with people of the opposite sex outside of your marriage. Is it ok to have friends of the opposite sex? If so what should those friendships look like? Listen up and commit this relationship rule to memory. You’ll be glad you did. Leave a comment or submit a video response letting us know what you think.

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  1. Tralene
    Tralene says:

    I agree with you guys completely. A friend of mine has got to be a friend of my relationship. Otherwise there will always be this quiet undercurrent of secrecy.

  2. ILLbeme
    ILLbeme says:

    My fiance' and I just recently had an argument about this. One of my best friends is a man and he had been my friend from the beginnng of our relationship. He's never done anything to suggest that he wants to get with me….he is just my friend. He feels like I'm not being sensitive to how my relationship with my friend makes him feel….and i don't think it's that serius

    • Jei LThom
      Jei LThom says:

      Your fiance may have seen something that your friend said or did which may indicate that there's something "more" to his friendship with you. You should ask your fiance to be open and elaborate on why he thinks you should end your friendship with that guy. If he can't "put a figure" on a specific reason, it may not be that serious of a reason. But still take him seriously — if your fiance had a good female friend that you weren't so "cool" with, how would you feel?

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