Build Each Other Up Instead Of Tearing Each Other Down.

By Tom King

Sometimes I like to remind people that if you want someone to get better then try building him or her up rather than tearing him or her down. The idea of helping ourselves or others get better by trying to improve or correct our weaknesses is deeply ingrained.

Research, however, has clearly demonstrated that the way to achieve greatness is by building on strengths, not by improving weaknesses. This goes against our instincts but it is really important information for yourself and your marriage.
One important purpose of marriage is to help one another grow and become the best you can be.That can only happen if you know one another’s strengths and then support and encourage the development of those strengths.

Yes there are some flaws that need to be corrected but if that is your primary focus then results will be disappointing at best.
Focus for today:
• What are the things you do well that make you feel strong?
• Are you working on using your talents and strengths to improve life for you and your partner?
• What are the things your partner does well that you can encourage him or her to develop?
• Give your partner verbal appreciation for his or her best qualities


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    Wow! I really needed this today! It's almost like y'all were at my house last night, lol.

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