Can He Deal With Me Making More Money Than Him?

VIDEO: Here, we answer a viewer who is a single mom of 4 who says she’s built a “small empire all on her own for her children with no family help”. She says she’s provided well for her children and given them opportunities to experience different things. She and her sweetie have had conversations about the financial difference between them and he says he’s ok with it. However, she’s been getting some energy and feedback from him (they’ve been together for a year and a half now) that makes her wonder if he can handle a woman who’s holding it down financially.

At times, women whose men make less than them have the tendency to think their men possess some underlying financial insecurity. In some situations this may be true…but not in all. The difference in the dollar amount between two pay stubs doesn’t automatically dictate a man’s emotional state. If a man does feel bad and stresses… might have absolutely nothing to do with his woman and what she brings in. More than likely his feelings are about where he is and where he wants to be not about what his woman is doing/bringing in. These are two totally different things. So, when a man says there’s no problem with his woman making more…take him at his word. If he truly feels otherwise it’s up to him to be honest with himself and work through those feelings. Listen in and give your opinion or submit a video response!

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  1. Ray
    Ray says:

    I think women are naturals as mom's but definitely not as wives.

  2. Shannon
    Shannon says:

    As a woman who's been married for 3 years now (and was single for 11 years before I got married) I now know that there are a lot of things I said, did, and assumed early on in my relationship that really didn't take my husband into consideration. I think alot of times we as women don't realize how we exclude our man in little ways because we're so used to doing things the way we doing them.

  3. CW
    CW says:

    @Just because a woman is proud of her accomplishments doesnt mean she has a big ego. I’m a single mom too and I have 2 children that i have workerd my butt off for. They don’t want for anything. I’m proud of that and I don’t feel this lady should have to shrink her pride to be in a relationship with a man. Forreal, alot of men DO have issues when their woman makes more than them whether they admit it or not.

  4. Michael
    Michael says:

    I couldn’t imagine being in a relationship with someone who has a “Small Empire”. It sounds like someones ego is inflated. He may be responding to that instead of how much money she makes.

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