VIDEO: Can I Be With The One I Was Cheating With?

ASK THE MA’AT’S VIEWER LETTER: I have a complex situation. It started of august of 2011 when I started dealing with this guy. I was already in a failing relationship and he was in a relationship too. Through it all I felt I met my soul mate and fell in love and if ask him he says the same, however it took him well over a year to leave his other relationship. So for that full time I was his mistress, I grew tired weary, there was and is a lot of craziness dealing with the situation. The thing is now I am pregnant and I became pregnant before he left his previous relationship. Once I kept getting sick from stressing too much over the drama, I decided to leave. I told him that in 7 months I would contact him to decide how we would proceed about raising the child but as for the drama I was completely tired of it and I couldn’t loose a baby because of stress ( I had already had two miscarriages by him). About two days later he ended his previous relationship and within a week jumped into one with me. Now being that I have been waiting over a year and a half to be in a relationship with him I couldn’t help but be overly excited. I really love him and want to spend the rest of my life with him, but he has been talking about marriage and moving into a house together already and to me it makes me throw up my guard because, I feel if he really wanted to have all of that with me why did it take over a year to end the previous relationship when he claims it was love from the moment he laid eyes on me. I guess my question is: should I be skeptical of the vast progression or take it as is because its all I have wanted for the past year.

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  1. Pat K.
    Pat K. says:

    People, if this is what we're doing we have lost our minds! There's no wonder that kids of stably married parents are excelling (in every area that counts)over kids born into this sort of chaos. How the hell is the kid supposed to go to school and bring home good grades, and do well in life???! The poor will ALWAYS be with us, because we keep thinking we can have kids just because we want to. It's really sad for the little ones born into this hell on earth. Imagine if kids could pick their own parents. They sure as hell wouldn't pick this situation to be born into!

  2. RonnieBMWK
    RonnieBMWK says:

    great advice!

  3. AtlantaAngel
    AtlantaAngel says:

    Her situation is awful. I see how these stds are spread.

  4. ThePhoenixRose
    ThePhoenixRose says:

    This situation is messy! As you said the foundation is rocky…I think they need to truly get to know each other minus the other relationships and other drama. They need to date a bit and get back to the basics, to see if this is what they really want.

  5. Multifreebutterfly
    Multifreebutterfly says:

    I learned a long time ago what they do with you they will do to you. His ex probably have no idea that her man was sleeping around unprotected and bringing that home to her. You guys were very nice to her. They will have trust issues in their relationship since they both are cheaters.

  6. KurlyMommy
    KurlyMommy says:

    So she thinks moving in together is too big of a step but having a baby is not?! That baffles me.

  7. Intjurban
    Intjurban says:

    Mrs. Ma'at, solid advice; Mr. Ma'at no truer words spoken. Wow, I hope she heard you and heals.

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