Clip 2: Ayize & Aiyana Ma’at To Release FREE CD & Audio Download “Marriage Is For Grown Folks” On Black Marriage Day (3/17/2013)!

What’s up Fam,

If you hadn’t heard–we’re excited! Why?  In honor of the 10 Year Anniversary of Black Marriage Day (March 17, 2013) we are releasing a FREE relationship inspiration audio program titled “Marriage Is For Grown Folks”.

As of March 17th you will be able to instantly download the single for free or purchase the CD online. The first single on the CD will be released on March 17, 2013. The full 3-CD set will be released in April 2013. But, we are releasing a clip each day leading up to Black Marriage Day. This is clip 2.

This audio is for anyone who is married, thinking about marriage, wants to know what it takes to be married, or wants to feel good and inspired about their marriage or relationship. You’re gonna feel good after listening to this. You’re gonna want to re-commit to your love after listening to this. You’re gonna want to kiss and cuddle after listening to this. Remember…Marriage Is For Grown Folks yall….and in this audio we’re gonna take you on a journey so you can experience what being in love and being married is all about. Check out the audio clip below…and see why we say “You Should Never Ever Have To Question The Love Of Your Spouse!” Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for Clip 3….that clip is really good….if I must say so myself! 😉


“Marriage Is For Grown Folks” is an audio program that sheds light on


many of the common areas that couples deal with in marriage.


Everything from parenting, communication, and managing conflict to


sex, quality time, and dealing with marital finances is explored


through the eyes of one of the most transparent marriages in America.


Ayize and Aiyana Ma’at combine personal experiences from their own


marriage along with tips, humor, and funky beats in their signature


down to earth and “keep it real” style. This is Relationship


Motivation at it’s best.




Ayize & Aiyana Ma’at are the Co-Founders of the personal development


and relationship education firm B Intentional,LLC. They run a private


couples & family counseling practice and impact more than 50,000


people on the world wide web every month through their popular Video


Advice Column “Ask The Ma’at’s” and cutting edge website Ayize & Aiyana Ma’at have been featured on


and in The Oprah Winfrey Network, Dr. Drew’s Life Changers Show, The


Michael Baisden Show, The Final Call, Empower Magazine, Roland


Martin’s Washington Watch, The Matt Mcgill Show, The Jennifer Keitt


Show, & Essence Magazine just to name a few..




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  1. Robert
    Robert says:

    {Merci pour ce billet. Il est vraiment bien structur? sur le th?me "publier un communiqu? de presse".

  2. lanamolinespeaks
    lanamolinespeaks says:

    Again, beautiful! I love the music. Love is exciting and should keep us on the edge of our seat! Thank you both!

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