Dear Daddy: A Riveting Depiction Of The Impact Of Absentee Fathers

By Ayize Ma’at

VIDEO: Yesterday I watched the trailer for “Dear Daddy” by Janks Morton for the first time and to say the least I was moved to tears.  I watched it with my wife and she sat there stoically, seemingly holding back or just not in touch with the raw emotion that was displayed.  I was kinda surprised because Aiyana is a major crier….but considering the fact that there’s some similarities between her story and that of the young lady in the video….I was able to walk away with a quiet understanding.

Major shout out to Janks Morton for having the courage to create this piece.  I’ve got much respect for his ability to capture the raw emotion that needs to be revealed to absentee, neglectful, and irresponsible father’s everywhere.  To donate to this project visit If you’re interested in checking out and purchasing any of Janks other enlightening films visit

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  1. Debra
    Debra says:

    I feel really sad for this young lady, I too am a single mother with 3 handsome God gifted boys who father has abanded them for drugs. I say to u young lady, keep your head up,because your father doesn' t have a clue of how much he is missing out on. As strong black women, your mom is going to make it and so are you, i would love to see you get something that no one can take from you, and that is an education, stay in school and become somebody. I so stretch that to my children. I tip my hat off to mom, because I too has struggled, but as long as we keep our hands in Jesus hand, the struggle will soon be over, so please remember one thing "YOU HAVE A FATHER IN HEAVEN THAT WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU NOR FORESAKE YOU" that is the only father you need, because that deadbeat father you are crying about, isn't healthy for you anyway nor is he worthy of a beautiful young lady like you. MAY GOD SMILE ON YOU.

  2. James
    James says:

    Sometimes when you view heart break like this words can never suffice, just tears taking the place of words.

  3. Gerald
    Gerald says:

    I definitely think that this is an issue that needs to be addressed, I'm a man and if it hadn't been for the older cats in the streets keeping my nose clean I don't know where I'd be. I feel for this young lady I have 3 daughters and I'm constantly reminded how important it is for me to be there, what I would like to see is the reaction from her dad, something had to happen. We look at this and say "poor baby" but there were two parents involved at one point. I would like to hear from the parents.

  4. JVC
    JVC says:

    So very sad. My own child has had a similar experience as this girl, her father not really present most of her life, and assuming the role of father with someone else's kids. The ease of separation that men so willingly accept when it comes to their own kids is one that I will never understand.

  5. Rodney Duff
    Rodney Duff says:

    sad just sad ! we as a whole must step up even if its not your child a hug cost nothing

  6. Charity
    Charity says:

    my STORY….but I refuse to let it be my kids! I thank GOD that by Jesus' strength I am enabled to keep this VOW!!! You can too baby girl! I'm praying for you and all abandoned daughters… but most importantly, for the fathers who know not what they do!

  7. Alecia
    Alecia says:

    My concern is that she suffered in the end. Yet, there will always be three sides the mother, father and hers. The mother and the father had different version. They made both choices.

  8. 20 and Engaged
    20 and Engaged says:

    I'm praying for this young lady, as this kind of hurt and pain could've been avoided. There's no excuse for a man to walk out on his kids. She needs him. Coward!
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  9. Patricia Knight
    Patricia Knight says:

    We must all see this young lady as our own child and work harder to keep our marriages (and other intimate relationships where children are conceived) strong. The children are the ones who pay when mommy and daddy plays games with their relationship, don't resolve their problems and get so angry with one another that they can't stay together anymore. This young lady is crying and heartbroken. How many young ladies (and young men) can we prevent from this heartbreak?

    People, stop being so selfish, stop the cheating on eachother, beating on eachother and RAISE YOUR CHILDREN!!!!!

    If you don't, this awful cycle will continue. Stay in the house together until you can talk it out, agree to disagree, whatever it takes to raise the kiddies to be functional, healthy adults ready to take on their futures.

    • Charity
      Charity says:

      The truth…The Whole Truth, and Nothing but the TRUTH! Lord knows…I've wanted to retreat many times from my marriage…but when I think about my sons ( my stepsons BTW)…I can't… I just lean a little harder on JESUS and 7 years later…still together!!! It can be done!

  10. Na'Tasha
    Na'Tasha says:

    I can relate to this girl because my father wasn't there…I'm in tears because she did something that I'm not able to do and that is speaking up……..

  11. K.O.
    K.O. says:

    I watched this video one time before and was in tears the whole way through. I definitely shouldn't have watched it again while I was at work. Wow.

  12. Reciprocity
    Reciprocity says:

    I'M OVER HERE ANGRY AS HELL WATCHING THIS!!!!!!!! What child deserves this? Tell me… what child deserves this?

    • Patricia Knight
      Patricia Knight says:

      Sorry, I clicked on the wrong fist. I meant to click on the thumbs up!!

  13. jackieholness
    jackieholness says:

    That is so very sad…This is a reality for so many children, and I cannot understand how some fathers do this and live with themselves…I also pray that this young lady is able to do and be well despite the negligence of her father or rather sperm donor in this case…
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  14. Cheryl
    Cheryl says:

    My heart breaks for this young lady, and for every child that has to grow up without their father. I pray that she is able to thrive in spite of the fact that her father has mistreated her.

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