Got BEEF? 3 Must Haves That Will Help You Break Down The Wall And Build Up The Love

Come learn how to get past the BEEF once and for all.  Everyone experiences drama BUT few know how to deal with drama.  If you implement these 3 Must Have’s your whole relationship will change…GUARANTEED.  In our last Google Hangout  we spoke about how personalization and projection wreak havoc on a relationship and jeopardize the possibility of relationship success.  In this google hangout we’ll share 3 Major Fails that we see both men and women doing and why you need to STOP IT NOW.

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  1. Silverenia
    Silverenia says:

    Power-FULL! Thank you for letting us see the center of the Sun. It lets some of us feel more normal, getting it, not getting it, but still moving. Kinda like herding cats or fish. And the solution of time . . . Brilliant.

  2. Carolyn
    Carolyn says:

    I could tell both of you were feeling your wine in this one. #realtalk #reallove
    Keep doing what you do fam

  3. Ricco
    Ricco says:

    Keep the vids coming. You guys are a breath of fresh air from all the bull shizzle that's on the tube

  4. Falu
    Falu says:

    Excellent as usual. I love how y'all are so candid. It normalizes the relationship process.

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