Hubby Ain’t “Hittin It” Right….And I Don’t Know How To Tell Him

VIDEO: The “typical” scenario when we work with couples is that the woman complains about communication and the man complains about sex.  Every now and again we are greeted by a refreshing experience outside the “usual” where the man has a major gripe about how his woman talks “at” him instead of with him.  It’s in those “a typical” moments that we experience the dynamism of human relationships and are reminded that communication maybe different between men and women but it’s valued by both nonetheless.  Just as communication is valued by both….SO IS SEX.  In this video we help a woman out who says her man ain’t quite “hittin it” right and she doesn’t know how to tell him.

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  1. Elle
    Elle says:

    y b n a marriage were u can't talk 2, r not able 2, or r afraid 2 talk 2 your mate. this marriage is a diaster n progress. next she will b talking about infidelity and asking for help n this state.
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  2. yagurlbubblez
    yagurlbubblez says:

    OMg you are so right. you have to tell them like it is.

    • SmoovMochaNut
      SmoovMochaNut says:

      Agreed. How can she have better sex with her husband if she can't tell him how she really wants it? Or what feels bests? I think the worse part is that she's led her husband into thinking he's doing a great job (at satisfying her) when in-fact, he's not. Honesty in the bed should be a must. Otherwise, you have to worry about what else she isn't being honest about.

      Spouse – the one person you (should) know is completely open to being told that "adjustments" are necessary & is open to receiving the necessary "instructions" on how to get it right.

      Very upsetting to hear that so many couples have the most basic problems with communicating their own thoughts, desires, & preferences to one another – but these same people with tell a stranger in the street exactly what they don't like & what they will not tolerate from anybody.

  3. Francene
    Francene says:


  4. Reese
    Reese says:

    That ain't right….hubby needs to put his bib on and go to "work" lol

  5. Venice
    Venice says:

    Tell it like it "TIZ"

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