I Cheated. She Cheated. We’re Stuck….Now What?

Viewer Question: I appreciate and respect the work that you do. It gives me hope and motivation. My wife and I have been together for 16 years of which 12 we have been married. I cheated on her, was caught and confessed to other acts. She then alerted me to what she did before we were married but together and after we were married. We went to counseling and I realized my part and failure in the marriage. I do not believe I fully responded to it though. I could have communicated more and been more affectionate. My wife started disappearing earlier this year and I thought something was up. One night I had enough and found her at another guys house using our cell phone tracking device. When we got home she said she was done and tired of me, admitting to cheating and said there was another who she had unprotected sex with earlier this year. Knowing my downfalls in the relationship, I turned to GOD and decided to forgive and work it out as our children were being affected by mommy not being home as much as she normally would. I realize it took a long time to get in this ugly mess but I am committed to staying with my wife and not give up and get over BUT get up and get through this TOGETHER. I do love my wife and family enough to endure this heartache and pain. My wife, is kind of a brick wall right now. I dont know how to get through to her. She says she still loves me. Please advise

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  1. s00nter
    s00nter says:

    It's Not Always Cheating That Causes Relationship Problems.
    Not one of us has ever cheated in our 10 year relationship, but not to long ago our relationship took a dive. There was no one to blame as I said but I had to dig through the internet and find out some information about the problem I had, or had picked up as my wife assumed. My wife actually left me for a few days when she noticed what she had thought was a STD on my manhood. I had not actually noticed the spots but became well aware of them once she had. it turned out they were something called penile papules. Once I got the information I needed to support my case in all of this, we were back to normal. We actually laughed as I showed her a video the first evidence I found, it turns out they are a common occurence in the male population and on rare occasions can also appear on the female genetalia. [youtube 6t9abyGQX68 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6t9abyGQX68 youtube]

  2. Information213
    Information213 says:

    I love you guys sooooooo much!!!!!1 It's funny. I thought it would have been the opposite (Ayize more of the jokester and and Aayana the more serious one). But it's interesting to see a little more of your personalities coming through in your video. God bless you. Thanks for your transparency and your contribution to the black community. God knows we need more people like y'all around. Peace.

  3. Anna Renee
    Anna Renee says:

    Sistergirl, you be "on joke time" alot. (on these videos) 🙂 It's a turnoff just a little bit, but this I know. This is Y'ALL channel, and I completely respect that, and y'all, and still love y'all !!! *smiles and grins* *blows kisses*

  4. KhamisKay
    KhamisKay says:

    Great advise mr and mrs ma'at. Strong and deep words. Pushing through together despite a double cheating that's deep advise

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