I Know I Nag My Husband….And I Need Help To STOP.

VIDEO: Lately I have been arguing with my husband about how to make the children behave and how to stick to our budget.  I am very exact when it comes to things but I think the problem is that I expect for him to handle situations the way that I would.  I blow up on things and drag the conversation out to were I can tell he has zoned out.  What are some exercises I could use to keep me from blowing up and take time to think about the situation and how to handle it?  I know I go overboard and I want to correct it before I start to push him away with my nagging.

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  1. Nya Marasco
    Nya Marasco says:

    A round of applause for your article.Really thank you! Cool.

  2. Benkhai
    Benkhai says:

    I love to see you in the real. There is nothing like the tangible reality in your face. You two had me rollin on this one because it showed the reality of the time issue on both sides. Men want to hit it and quit it while women tend to marinate on each point. It requires much concideration and compassion on both sides. Love it and lets keep pushin together.

  3. J Boogie
    J Boogie says:

    Yall are a real couple and I appreciate seeing that.

  4. GQ bum
    GQ bum says:

    u two make a great couple.

  5. Mrs. G Mason
    Mrs. G Mason says:

    I LOVE you both, just LOVE Ya! I can see you both ready? to fall out, get some rest, and sleep in, you working too hard, PEACE. Oh! But keep on, keepin on, much LOVE, kiss those beautiful babies for me, now i gotta go to work myself.

  6. pjb31apb
    pjb31apb says:

    Why is it more important to respect my man's time than it is for him to realize that I'm going over time because the topic is very important to me? I usually don't disagree with your perspectives, but I really disagree with you on your suggested approach to the time? limit deal Ayize…

  7. Miss Kaneza
    Miss Kaneza says:

    Lmao you guys are funny! Its good to see this side of you because it shows that relationships are not all? roses 🙂 beautiful looking couple by the way.

  8. Ava Rochelle
    Ava Rochelle says:

    LOL!!! I love watching? you guys!!! Very good advise.

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