I’m Lost In The Abyss Of Marriage…HELP!!!!

Viewer Letter: I’ve never written to anyone for advise but I am looking for an unbiased answer to a complicated situation.  I’ve been married 3 years and these 3 years have been the worst time of my life.  When I tell you what is going on and all that has happened you are going to look at this letter and shake your head.  Let me break it down from start to finish two months before getting married my mother was diagnosed with cancer so we moved my parents up to where we live to make sure she was receiving proper treatment.  With that my father had dementia so I was taking care of that issue as well of course stress on a newly married couple.  So this went on for 7 months until all was well.  A month after my parents left I was fired from my 6-figure job through the grace of God I found another one still stressful.  Three months later a storm came through and blew the roof off of our condo in which our place was completely destroyed so we were displaced for 9 months more stress.  Two months after the storm my father passed away.  Three months after that I found out my husband was having inappropriate conversation with several women which I forgave him.  In May of this year I found out that my husband had a fling (he said he only received oral sex – yeah right) with a co-worker twice at his job that I got him through my best friend who is his boss like a fool I stayed again yes we went to counseling which did not help that much.  Last week we found out that it’s a possibility that neither one of us can conceive a child naturally which points the arrow at his 11 year old son he has by another woman that he may not be the father to this child because his infertility looks to be genetic.  So after 3 years of this I’m deflated, self-esteem is shot (mind you I never had issues with self-esteem ever), I honestly don’t know what to do or where to go it’s like there is a black cloud over this relationship.  I’m checking his phone, I’m tracking his every move I’m so unsure of where this is even going.  Don’t get me wrong I love my husband but these first three years have already beat me to a pulp the stress is overwhelming and is affecting us seriously.  I real need help or Prozac. *Sorry for any typos or incorrect use of the English language*.


Lost in the Abyss of Marriage

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  1. Mai Bateson
    Mai Bateson says:

    It’s hard being in your situation.. and there’s no right words to say. My simple advice, don’t dwell over the negatives. Think how you and your husband started from being friends..to being in a relationship and so on. Put God back into your married life and you will see the difference. I’m wishing you all the best…

  2. Shawn
    Shawn says:

    My prayers go out to this woman and her family. I think in this case it maybe better to leave the relationship. If the counseling didn’t help and the affairs are continuing then there is no trust in the relationship. Where there is no trust, then love cannot grow.

  3. rose
    rose says:

    This is so sad sometimes when you love someone that don't mean they are your soul mates put ur faith and trust in God not men pray for God to bring the love of ur life into ur life and move around cause the stress of trying to keep ur house in order is the hardest thing to do if ur man keeps doing things you ask him not to do and things are still the same when do you become happy why come you cant have someone love you and only you the way you want them too ,right now seems to me the only one happy is the one who's doing the most it's only been 3 yrs are you really ready to do 3 more of the samething let him go and the Lord will send you want you need in a man not what you want let the Lord choose for you.

  4. Jason
    Jason says:

    I love the way you bounce off of each other. The insight is on point as usual.

  5. Torie
    Torie says:

    Great perspective. I wish this lady best.

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