I’m Not In Love With You Anymore

For many couples the passion tends to fade in the relationship overtime. Those who were once madly in love now find themselves questioning whether there is enough love to keep the relationship going. Check out this video of a wife who says her husband told her he is no longer in love with her. Let us know what you think.


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  1. Gerald Davis
    Gerald Davis says:

    I believe that when people choose to express that way, It is based on the perception of why those words our being conveyed. Why, or what is the environment that causes it to be spoken. Now, if this is self destructive behavior, then question the ques, and influences. Another factor is self denial, They may see this as means of escapism, "The Grass is greener effect". However, if you do not invest in the field, where the seeds our being sown, You can't reap the harvest.

  2. bbqem
    bbqem says:

    Wow. Sometimes the other person doesn't know the damage they cause or the hurt feelings they cause until it happens to them. Evidentally he hasn't been told this himself or treated as such or he wouldn't have said this. She's hurt. I know it.

  3. Truthtopower
    Truthtopower says:

    I love the way yall bring it ; )

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