Is Sex After Marriage Boring Or Do You Just Not Know How To Bring Out The Freak???

What do you get when you have 4 brothers sitting around talking about sex after marriage? Before you answer that…what if one of the brothers is a relationship expert and one is a self-professed pimp? Listen in to this interesting conversation where 4 men go back and forth on how stale they feel sex after marriage is. What’s your take? All I’ll say is this: My name is Aiyana and it still gets hot & steamy in my bedroom (after 16 years of being together and 9 years of marriage)!!! And you better believe my husband knows how to get me ready… 😉 Listen in and let us know what you think.

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  1. Ruby Griffin
    Ruby Griffin says:

    The bottom line,if you and your partner don't open y'all mouth and speak up about y'all like,and dislike in the bedroom,it's going to stay that way…men,pay attention to who you loving…learn her hot spot,explore her body,let her feel you,then she will know what you want,if not teach her…Ladies,stop being ashame of your body,stop pulling the cover over y'all when you're in the motion,of love making,leave the light on ,have eye contact,if it would help,go old school,put some mirror in the ceiling of your bedroom,i'm just saying,a little of imagination,effort,time,and a whole lot of wanna a be,can bring about a change in any marriage…just simple,loving the one you with,and he or she loving you back,and work on it…each it on…

  2. Patricia Knight
    Patricia Knight says:

    This video portrays some of the reasons why Black marriage is in trouble. I'm in agreement with the Dr. The only problem I have with him is that he wasn't wearing his wedding ring.

    Too many of our brothers don't want to educate themselves about how to maintain a woman's interest after the initial infatuation is over. That's when the real work begins. Their libido causes them to start strong, but they don't know how to bring it on home.

    The pimp thinks the number of relationships you've been in is important. No, it ain't! It's the one you started as a young man, and maintained to the present time.

    Sex in a long term marriage is better than a roll in the hay any day! The better two people know each other and have been through together makes everything better! If they don't take each other for granted, practice makes better. People who play sports, and work together on teams know this. First practice, not so good. Time passes, everybody stays on their game and the loving gets better.

    The pimp doesn't know this. He has no reference point for it in his own life. That's why he and the doctor couldn't communicate with one another. Talking to the pimp would be like talking to the wall.

    • Ayize
      Ayize says:

      They caught him off guard with the wedding ring question. LOL "Talking to the pimp would be like talking to the wall" That was funny. I kinda felt like the Pimp wanted to pull a ruler out his back pocket to prove his "ego" is bigger than the doctor's.
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  3. pstv nrg
    pstv nrg says:

    On topic: I believe these Brothers were on the way to shining some light on a dark, dank place. Its very true, some ladies need to re-engage and some men need to recommit. Ken and the Dr. may have both had the phrase that pays. The road to roommateville is paved with habit and contentment; and men are audible and men are visual. Live it, learn it, love it!

    Off topic: This was embarrassing. I mean, The Pimp and The PhD may make a for a funny sitcom; but the dynamics and lack of respect for divergent opinions in this video was terrible. Actually they were very intimidated by the doctors choice of words (and hey dr. communication is not a two way street (hi MA'At's) and when will we stop making one another feel bad for expanding our vocabularies and horizons.

    • Ayize
      Ayize says:

      i like the way you plugged us in your comment LOL When I first saw this video i questioned the Doctor's approach. Was he soooooooo academic that he missed a teaching moment? What he said was real……but they didn't recognize it as real talk because they didn't understand it.
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  4. Rocco
    Rocco says:

    This was funny!!!!The Doc was fightin' hard to hold his own. I realized halfway through that these brothas weren't really looking for answers..they were really just kickin' it.

  5. Carla W.
    Carla W. says:

    I'm sorry –these dudes are dumb as hell with the exception of the Dr. They won't listen and the Doc is trying to tell them some good stuff. Are they at all interested in knowing how to make a woman tick? I don't think so. I think they just like the sounds of their own voices.

    • Reneemo
      Reneemo says:

      I am sooo with you on this Carla W. And, the Dr. had a great comeback to the Pimp!! Geez, brothas, listen up!!!

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