It’s Hard To Make A Black Woman Smile

For 19 years I’ve made my wife…my black woman smile.  Yes she’s cried, gotten angry, cussed me out, screamed on me and shown all types of levels of “pissedocity” BUT more than anything else SHE HAS SMILED. Fellas I want to help you cut the bullshit and BE A BETTER YOU for you, your mate, and your family.

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  1. Selena
    Selena says:

    God sent!!!!!!!! Thank you Lord I needed this. Your transparency is validating

  2. Justin
    Justin says:

    You guys rock! Brother Ma'at thank you for this message. I'm experiencing this in my marriage as I type this. I'm holding on. Thank you for the encouragement

  3. WilliamsonsWifey
    WilliamsonsWifey says:

    I shared this with my man…well said! He Go Gets It, everyday!

  4. mocha natural diva
    mocha natural diva says:

    Great points made! Indeed it is hard to make a BW smile when she's carrying a load that was never intended for her. Even during bouts of depression, she meets the needs of her family while her basic needs go unmet. BW "support" their men desperately hoping he'll get to where he needs to be but too often pride/ego lead to lack of vision/planning, blaming and complacency. It's a beautiful thing to watch an ambitious man Getn' It everyday for the sake of his family… matter what.

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