The Ma’at Children Say “I Know I Can”

VIDEO: As adults we get in the way of ourselves and impose parameters on our potential. If we sit still for a moment and watch children we can learn to reconnect with our inborn optimism and go after those once forgotten dreams. Listen in as the Ma’at children remind you that YOU can accomplish whatever you put your mind to.

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  1. Daughter Isis
    Daughter Isis says:

    You have the most beautiful children, what a blessing and you must be very proud at the wonderful job you have done teaching them to be self aware. Self awareness is needed to grow, so many lack it. Your beautiful family is an inspiration. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Maya
    Maya says:

    Hello Kai and yall this is Maya i just was stopping by to let you know your video/website is amazing!!! I love you all….

  3. Traci Hill Femister
    Traci Hill Femister says:

    ok…where is my to do list?!!?? i gotta get to work!! my nieces and nephews have inspired me this monday morning!!

  4. Cynthia
    Cynthia says:

    That was just too cute. Love it. Beautiful children guys.

  5. The1H.B.I.C.
    The1H.B.I.C. says:

    Your kids are very bright and it this was great to watch. Very motivating.

  6. Ronnie_BMWK
    Ronnie_BMWK says:

    This is too cute!!!

  7. Terrence
    Terrence says:

    Ma'at's this was very motivational and you guys have GREAT kids. May God bless all of you!

  8. Tamara M.
    Tamara M. says:

    Oh woooooow…..this is crazy. i just hung up the phone with my sister and I'm really going through right now and basically I'm just not in a good place. I basically told her I'm so tired of struggling. I could go on and on but I dont want to bore everyone with my problems…i just feel overwhelmed with all of the crap that's going on in my life. When I hung up I came to your site and look a here, look a here….God speaking through your beautiful children directly to me today.

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