Video: How Can I Convince Him That I Won’t Hurt Him?

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We’re in a long distance relationship with my man. Since we’ve dated for 2months, i have learned that he might still be hurting from his previous relationships where one of his ex cheated on him with her best friend. I’ve learned also that his previous hurts have made him to fear that i might leave him or hurt him like his ex did, he’s hard to please, i love him, i want to make him happy, because i believe that’s all he needs. Often times he becomes short-tempered when we talk, without telling me where i went wrong, he doesn’t want me to talk to his male friends.  How can i make him believe that i won’t hurt him, that i’m not like his ex. I don’t want to loose him because he does love me a lot too, but he’s living with that fear that i’l leave him.
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  1. James
    James says:

    He needs help and you need to help yourself up out of that relationship. It ain't worth it.

  2. Ms Zen
    Ms Zen says:

    Good advice. I hope she takes it to heart. I can testitfy that to everything they said. If/when he gets things worked out it will be by him and not her help. Any other way and she will wind up a doormat and she herself hurt. In the end it could work out (it did for me) but you still have to let him fix himself and pull back.

  3. Mrs. Dimples
    Mrs. Dimples says:

    I needed to hear this.

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