Ma’at Family Doing the D-Low Shuffle For Their 90 Year Old Great Grandma

There’s nothing like good ole’ fashion family time.  This past Sunday we went to visit Grandma/Great-Grandma to bring her some Easter Sunday entertainment.  She was happy to see us ……and during our visit the children had the brilliant idea to do the D-Low Shuffle for her.  She watched and cracked an occasional smile.  All in all we enjoyed ourselves and were happy to experience another moment with Grandma/Great Grandma.

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  1. love more
    love more says:

    I LOVE it.. Y'all messing up grandma floor Lol.

  2. Love Di Choreo
    Love Di Choreo says:

    Lol! Great grandma's reaction had me crackin up

  3. Vonda
    Vonda says:

    Looking good family!!…Much Love and Bliss~

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