Sex Starved Husband Needs To Know Why???

Hi Ma’at’s!

I am EXTREMELY sexually frustrated! I have had several discussions trying to explain to my wife how important our intimacy is to the success of our relationship. I have tried to be patient, working with her to see if she will come around but as the days go on, I feel more and more like she is avoiding me. And when we do have “sex” (if you can even call it that) on those once in a blue moons, it’s usually because I am so starved that I just take what I can get. And she just goes through the motions (feel like it anyway).

Am I trippin’ because I feel like we should be having more sex than every once in a while?

How do you get through to a woman who is by no means a stranger to intimacy but now has no libido or drive and isn’tbeing honest about why?

Thanks in advance, much love.

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  1. Davina
    Davina says:

    I love me some Ma'ats. Great advice guys

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