Should A Man Be Able To Have More Than One Wife?

VIDEO: It’s no secret that black women outnumber black men in this country. This situation leaves many to question whether monogamy is an appropriate or realistic approach to relationships.

Listen in as we answer a viewer and give our opinion on whether or not there should be room for 3 in marriage. When you get done listening, tell us what you think of polygamy as a response to the growing number of unmarried black women in this country.

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  1. Robert Drain
    Robert Drain says:

    Another buzz that reflect on black life. Last week buzz should black women seek out men of other races. Affordability has nothing to do with an optimun human connection between genders. The reality is that its not enough men for women. The greater reality is about the children having a male and female role model in their lives. Living in a society that's about individualism is the problem with those that are already married. Women have gotten to the point that they do not need a man to define them or be happy. What we need to do as a group of people is feel more responsible for each other. In doing this both gender will be able to experience opposite gender perspectives in their live. There is a need for more male and female friendships and support of each other. Let leave sex and ownership out of the situation cause the ratio of male to female has always been out of balance.

  2. cqg mickey
    cqg mickey says:

    It's funny how we have been programmed to believe that pologyny is not a good idea and monogamy is safe and the best thing. A man can't cheat on a woman according to the bible.

  3. Make Map
    Make Map says:

    Technically, no because it's backward and tend to lead to 1 man imperialism. Very rarely there are men with 2 wifes. Those who have more than 2 wifes is a sign of Imperialism. Who cares if they are single, better single and adventurous than married to one devious king.

  4. Ayo
    Ayo says:

    (continued) Polygyny is certainly NOT for everyone in our community. It takes an extraordinary man to navigate it's complexities, and at this point, a huge chunk of the few 'marriagable' brothers can hardly keep it together with ONE sistah much less two or more…plus, if guys are honest, part of the appeal of extramarital trysts is the thrill of the secrecy, the clandestine nature, the risk, and the lack of any long term obligation. A second wife and all the responsibility, effort and work that come with her? What's the fun in that? Nope. Most guys aren't ready and, right now, most sistahs are afraid of it…but the growing buzz around it continues'…[a vid with a little food for thought:] [youtube vIro588s0cg youtube]

    • Ayo
      Ayo says:

      Not sure whether the first part of my post will show eventually, but I did weigh in on the polyandry vs. polygyny in favor of polygyny – if only to assure paternity, as much as it can be assured. Their are those who will have great difficulty with polygyny to the exclusion of polyandry in the interests of 'equality', which gets into a whole other issue in and of itself: The distinction between the Eurocentric concept of 'equality' (individualistic tit for tat) in contrast with the African concept of 'complementarity' (collectivistic harmony). For further reading see the link.

  5. Ayo
    Ayo says:

    Polygyny can be workable in our community if and when Black WOMEN buy-in AND set the social norms, limits, and etiquette around it as we have, traditionally, on the Continent. Men should. Women? Nah. Our male-female ratio doesn't support polyandry. As my mom says, "Momma's baby. Papa's? Maybe." Community building and the global survival of African people requires social norms that assure paternity to the degree that it can be assured – if only to reduce the likelihood of inadvertent incest. Polyandry is rare and has only been practiced in small pockets of Asia where males have outnumbered females largely as a result of female infanticide – definitely NOT a characteristic of our ancestral traditions and our cultural inheritance. That there are states in which a man can marry a friggin' man, but can't marry a second (or third) woman reflect the absurdity extant in this and other Western societies (continued)

  6. Abdul-Qaadir Taariq Bakari-Muhammad
    Abdul-Qaadir Taariq Bakari-Muhammad says:

    Yes! Both men and women should be allowed to marry as many husbands and wives as they like. Even within Islam a man is allowed up to four wives. I am all for Polygamous relationships. Ladies and Gentlemen it is not all about the sex. It’s about being in meaningful relationships through marriages.

  7. Jamal
    Jamal says:

    YES…we should be able to. And women also for that matter. The law should not dictate the relationship choices of two (or more) consenting adults. I actually wrote a grad school paper on the subject, and aside from the "potential" social benefits for women, my stance is more legal/statutory philosophy than institutional bias toward monogamy.

    • Raena
      Raena says:

      I would assume from your position that you have no problem with the law NOT regulating "same gender" relationships. Of course the propagation of this social construct could have major implications for the "future" of a group of people. Thus…the law is necessary.

  8. Tue Cute
    Tue Cute says:

    Not only do women outnumber men…..but in many instances women outearn men. If this question is solely based on a man's ability to provide then women should be able to have more than one husband too. It might not solve the problem ……but it would make a lot of women happy. LOL

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