Surviving The Acid Tests Of Marriage

By Ruth Purple

Marriage is a beautiful thing if you know how to handle and maintain a good outlook about it. It is a balance of give and take. Problems in the marriage occur if you or your partner see issues as a one way street. There are certain problems in the marriage that if both of you are able to survive it; your union will be able to stand any obstacle.

These are the acid test of the relationship, get through this and your togetherness will be stronger than ever. It’s because these acid test will make both of you closer than ever. The first acid test is money problems- insufficient funds. Surviving a bank account with negative balance in your relationship can be tough but it has a solution.

In handling financial acid test, you have to keep your temper on the sides and learn to focus on the problem at hand. It’s important that you sit down and discuss- what you own, what you don’t own, what you owe, what you need and what you don’t need. Work together instead of against each other.

Don’t let your money issues stem into other issues- learn to contain your setbacks in money. Another acid test that can make your bond stronger is children- related issues. Children are the source of happiness of every couple but it should not be the only reason that should keep both of you together.

Having children can bring a lot of stress in the marriage, especially for young and new couples. This is because parenting requires huge responsibility as well as changes of role in your life. This can also cause disagreement and can lessen your time as a couple. In order to get through this acid test of marriage, couples should need to work as a team.

They should learn to have organization- (yes, it’s possible), manage their time wisely and learn to have rules (learning how to say no). It’s also essential that you ask for reinforcements- parents, friends, trusted neighbors or hire a dependable baby sitter. Never compromise your “couple time” and your “self-time” and most importantly enjoy your children, this is one of the most stress-buster there is for parents.

Another acid test that can make your bond tighter if both of you survived the effects of infidelity. Unfortunately, infidelity sometimes does happened, it’s hurtful and can be devastating but it’s not the end of everything- a relationship can survive and get through infidelity, not only survive but could end up in a more sympathetic and loving atmosphere.

The first thing that you should do to survive this acid test is to know the root cause of the infidelity and work from there. Sometimes it can be a symptom of some major issues within your relationship or your partner. Surviving infidelity cannot happened over night but if both of you do get through it; you will discover a much deeper beauty and appreciation in your marriage.

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    This is sooo true. If you can with stand this stuff you will definitely be stronger

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