Tyler Perry’s “Temptation” In Review – You Don’t Have To Be Unhappy To Cheat

Warning!!!! You can be in a relatively healthy and happy marriage and still experience infidelity.  Yup…it’s true.  Not only do bad things happen to good people…but bad circumstances occasionally fall upon “sure” relationships. Tyler Perry’s movie Temptation showed aspects of how infidelity may develop and wreak havoc on a seemingly good marriage.  Here are a few words from the wise..internalize and apply them and you’ll be on the right track to strengthening, securing, and protecting your marriage from the internal and external chaos that will inevitably come.

1. Communicate your unmet needs.

2. Meet or assist your spouse with meeting their unmet needs.

3.  Don’t take your spouse for granted.

3. Know that anybody is capable of anything. (good or bad)

4.  Pay attention to the details.  Your spouse wants to know that you know them.

Stop Playing. Start Pushing.


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  1. SmoovNut
    SmoovNut says:

    Those some couples are "happy", there's always a chance that one of them isn't as "happy" as the other. Like having a nice car – after a couple of years the newness wears off & it becomes just the plain, daily thing – then you start to look at other cars you don't have & wonder what it would be like to have one of those.

    I know we aren't really cars. I say that to note that some people consider seeing other people just to "test drive" another relationship before completely giving up on the current relationship they have. It can go many ways but mostly either learn that the new relationship could be more fulfilling or they realize that their existing relationship was better than what they thought. And then it comes down to having the "opportunity" to even pursue this other relationship – how easy was it for them to be tempted to go for a "test drive" when offered.

    • Mosha silwamba
      Mosha silwamba says:

      Take care on selecting lover

  2. Osun Sade
    Osun Sade says:

    Love the way Iyize looks @ his queen..its so beautiful…*sighs*

  3. Queen Wandaful
    Queen Wandaful says:

    You guys are so beautiful together.

  4. Adina April
    Adina April says:

    "man period" I like that yall always keep it real!!!

  5. NaturallyNerdeeNicol
    NaturallyNerdeeNicol says:

    i have not seen the movie but it sounds like she was unhappy and "going through the motions" and someone came along who (while in their presence) made her happy resulting in her cheating (not saying this is the right way of handling the situation).

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