Uplifting ALL Black Women AUTOMATICALLY Uplifts The Black Community

By: Team Afro

There was an article in The Urban Daily that documented a conversation between Lil Wayne and a few of his female fans.  ALLEGEDLY, in the exchange Lil Wayne stated very clearly (and not as nicely) that he didn’t like dark-skinned girls.  He further went on to say that he was glad that he had babies from all white or light skinned girls so his babies could come out with good hair.  Outside of this rumor article he has stated similar things in his lyrics ‘Beautiful Black Woman i bet that b*tch look better red’. Ladies and gentlemen what is wrong with this picture?

First let me start by saying that I’m not trying to bash Lil Wayne or his dating preferences.  Love is colorblind and  I have no problem with interracial dating or marriage.  In fact I think it is what God intended and nothing would please me more than a new generation of beautiful black, almond, and butterscotch ‘rainbow children’.  With that said I think it is abhorrent to favor one group of women AND run another group of women down just because they happen to be darker than a paper bag. This type of blatant discrimination because of skin color is what black people have been fighting against for generations and to have this attitude perpetuated by our own people is disgusting.  What makes it worse is that it is too often perpetuated by rappers and hip hop artists who have so much influence over so many young black men and women.  There is nothing worse than a person who has the ear of the masses telling the masses to hate themselves or hate some group (I’m sure a few historical tyrants can come to mind).

Everyone has preferences when it comes to dating, food, sports or whatever the case may be.  There is nothing wrong with preferences but fortifying your preference with blatant bigotry or denigration of your non-preference is unnecessary, damaging to others and in many cases evil.

You can be pro-black without being anti-white

You can like the institution of marriage without hating on gay people and gay marriage

You can like democrats without hating all republicans

You can like the New York Yankees without hating the Boston Red Sox (okay, not too sure about this one)

You can prefer white or light-skinned girls without hating and dissing dark-skinned girls.

Favoring one thing does not mean hate for another thing.  Absolute hate for a thing or a group of people is THE definition of prejudice and racism and there just is no place for that in our society anymore – period.

A people will only rise as far as the women in their society rise.  People in a civilized society should know this.  The balance between male and female perspectives is necessary for fair and just governments; war versus diplomacy; function versus beauty; and all things that make us civilized.  Women nurture our children and our society and are the yin to our yang.  As far as beauty is concerned dark-skinned black women are some of the most beautiful black women in the world.  Equally beautiful are light-skinned, heavy, tall and thin black women.  Irrespective of thier beauty, ALL black women need to be respected by black men.  As a man you want respect so you should give it to your women.  The constant denigration of women as hos, bitches, too dark, and pimp targets BY BLACK MEN makes our people look like a bunch of savages.  From a sociological standpoint any group who hates on half of its population (women) is doomed to fail or at a minimum have half of its people repressed, depressed, and oppressed. Is that what we want for our black women who love, care for, need and want us?

As a black man, hating dark skinned women is like hating yourself.  Maybe self-hatred is the problem with Lil Wayne and other black men with similar opinions.  Don’t fall into this trap.  Tell a dark skinned sister that she is beautiful, intelligent and attractive.  Supporting her is like supporting yourself.

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  1. Tamisha
    Tamisha says:

    Lil Wayne must be dumb or just plain stupid. I can't see him saying this because his oldest daughter is dark-skinned. WTF??? He should be lucky any woman would even stand next to him the way he looks.

  2. @SkivvyG
    @SkivvyG says:

    I'm not even gonna read this. I already dsagree. That I read while skimming thru line abt how we only rise as high as women was enough for me

  3. @SkivvyG
    @SkivvyG says:

    I'm not even gonna read this. I already dsagree. That I read while skimming thru line abt how we only rise as high as women was enough for me

  4. Venus
    Venus says:

    …Rap artists have influence over not just BLACK men and women, but WHITE, LATINO, ASIAN and anyone else who listens to them. So, it's not just being heard (and oft repeated) by a segment of the world's populations, but our entire world, which has access to mass media.
    …And I am a Yankee fan as well as a Red Sox fan, so, yes it can be done—they are both rich in history. After all Boston sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees in the first place!
    Thank God we still can make our own individual choices…(~_^)

  5. Cortez
    Cortez says:

    I'd slap the hell out of Lil Wayne! Lol. He certainly is no prize catch. Question: what would happen is sister stopped showing to participate in these rap videos? What is they refused to wear the dental floss and flap their cheeks? Sisters, talk to your sisters and il be sure to talk to my daughter.

  6. Sunkissed
    Sunkissed says:

    As a 'light-skinned' Black Woman, I am offended by Lil Wayne's statement about "Beautfil Black Woman, bet that @ look better Red" — I have sisters, daughters, and cousins of ALL shades and we're ALL Beautiful, period. But, I have also experienced some Black Men are now taking the opposite side of the spectrum of where Lil Wayne is coming from and are not dating/marrying 'light-skinned' women because they say, we're NOT Black Enough…so when will this Willie Lynch skin thing ever end…

  7. nikki
    nikki says:

    I’m glad someone wrote about this especially from an educated perspective rather than opinion based. I have always said from studying black history and sociology that a community that lacks respect for marriage and family is doomed because that is the basic function of all societies success. I felt this when you said women. Nurture our children the yin to our yang..will be sharing on facebook

  8. Queen Rulah
    Queen Rulah says:

    No one can truly love you if you don't love yourself.

  9. Reciprocity
    Reciprocity says:

    Little Wayne is an a$$hole. However his comments don't surprise me because Willie Lynch is still alive and well. Everybody has inherent value and i'm sick and tired of the separation within our race because of skin tone.

  10. Jenony Jennifer Lopez
    Jenony Jennifer Lopez says:

    Amen to that! I have a preference of Black men, I find them beautiful. I have had many opportunities to date out of my race but I am just not attracted to white men. It is disturbing when I hear men say that they only like what you call "Red Bone Women". I am of Caramel color if that even matters at all to any one; it does not matter to me. I have seen some breath taking darker skinned women that men just completely over look because of their skin tone? Why is this? Why is watering down a race of such importance that it breeds a desire to have bi – racial or multi- racial children. Set out to find love if your looking, not light skinned children with wash and wear hair. It's a shame and anyone that looks for love or considers color and good hair in their choice for a mate to seed with is a shame and their loss.

    • Ast
      Ast says:

      I'm feelin' what you're saying. Although I know what you mean when you say "wash and wear hair" we got to be careful with the subtelties in our language because many would take offense to that statement. It seemed that you were association a negative connotation with that texture of hair.

      • Brooke
        Brooke says:

        I take offense to the "watering down our race" statement. @Jenony you seem to missing the point of the article. We cannot continue to degrade each other based on skin tone and race. If a child is bi-racial they are not a watered down anything. They are who they are, a person with more than one race.
        My recent post Be as Choosy as Men

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