When Talking Turns To Shouting And Listening Becomes Toxic….

How many times have you been in the middle of a conversation with your “boo” and felt like he/she DOESN’T GET what you’re saying?  How many times have you heard your spouse say, “YOU DON’T RESPECT ME”?  How many times have you wanted to say “SHUT THE HELL UP!!!”? How many times have you sat next to your spouse, wanting to share something, but too afraid to open your mouth because you’re anticipating a negative response?  Real talk yall, some of yall get called bitch, or bitch ass “nigga” on a daily basis by your spouse and are ABSOLUTELY SICK AND TIRED OF IT.  How often have you wanted to emotionally connect with your sweetheart BUT were just missing the words to make that happen.  If you’ve raised your hand to any or all of these questions, guess what….YOU  ARE NOT ALONE.

We receive countless emails from couples across the country that are sulking in quiet desperation because they can’t seem to find the right words to say or simply don’t have a receptive ear to listen.  They understand their relationship communication skills are all jacked up and are struggling to to live with, be with, and love someone other than themselves.  Truth be told this may be you. AND THAT’S O.K.  Awareness of a problem is the first step in changing the problem and the fact that you’re on this page tells us that you realize NOW IS THE TIME TO SPEAK LOVE RIGHT.

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Truthfully, it took us some time to really understand the nuances of what it means to speak love right.  During our  17 years of being together, being stressed out and bumping heads over insignificant and serious stuff , we remained connected and began doing research on  PRACTICAL and FEASIBLE solutions of how to be more present and communicate better in our relationship.

We were committed to making a change in our relationship we applied what we learned to our relationship and as a result we are more in love NOW than we have ever been. Many of you who are reading this will question if what we’re talking about on this audio program can help you. Answer: Yes it can. Many of you will moan, whine, and squirm about the OUTRAGEOUSLY EXPENSIVE price of $ 19.97….Don’t break the bank.  Some of you purchase, listen, learn, listen, learn, listen, learn and APPLY and will experience amazing personal and relationship growth as a result.  What we talk about in this program WE APPLY in our relationship and we can honestly say we truly see, hear, and know each other in a deeply abiding way as a result of learning to SPEAK LOVE RIGHT.

After 17 years we are still deeply in love.  We look at each other with adoration and intense attraction the same way we did when we were in high school.  17 years yall and counting.  It’s a good look for us but the community is way bigger than us.  It’s VERY DISTURBING to see so many couples prematurely calling it quits in their relationships, in their marriage because they don’t know how to SPEAK LOVE RIGHT.  This problem pains us and we’re 100% devoted to doing something about it…hence this website, our workshops, individual and couples coaching programs, relationship assessments, etc.  To further spread the message we’ve created this 2 part Audio Program consisting of more than 2 HOURS  of practical strategies and methods that you can listen to over and over and over again while you’re on the go.


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This audio program consist of  real questions from real people with honest and evidence based feedback from us. We’re convinced that if you apply the strategies we share you’ll either greatly reduce or completely solve your communication problems once and for all.

Inside this 2 part audio program, you’ll discover and learn PROVEN methods that work (We know because we’ve tried and tested them, remember):

  • How to identify and meet your partners unmet need.
  • Essential strategies for effective listening.
  • Questions you can ask to increase your intimacy.
  • How to “hold on” when you are ready to “throw in the towel”
  • How to overcome the “silent treatment” and rekindle your connection.
  • How to evaluate yourself in your relationship
  • Creative ways to tell your spouse how you feel
  • 3 simple words to make your man feel good
  • What you can do to overcome the fear that accompany’s CHANGE
  • Real talk from a Husband & Wife professional coaching team.

So go ahead and Click the Buy Now button below now to get inspired and learn how to RADICALLY transform your relationship by building a new you as you communicate more SINCERELY & COMPASSIONATELY with your Sweetheart.


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I love you guys because you keep it 100%  The way you combine compassion and insight is divine.

If it weren’t for your advice my mariage would be over.  You exposed me to the error in my ways.

I’ve got sort of a love/hate relationship with yall.  I love your message but I hate that yall were so right about my situation LOL

Your chemistry is phenomenal.  We’re getting our mojo back by listening to you all on the daily.

When yall finish speaking you should say “And let the church say amen” cause yall be preachin’ the truth. lol

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  1. Shannon
    Shannon says:

    I am involved in a new relationship after 4yrs of being single. I'm a mother of 5 boys & strive to set a good example as a parent. My relationship is unlike any I could compare to in my past & that's great! I am concerned about our communication. He has a habit of being critical daily about me. Its like he finds something to point out about me that is displeasing to him. When we talk if I speak about something he did or said he becomes sarcastic & defensive. Why is ok to give criticism & not receive it. After being single so long I find myself very frustrated. Please give me some advice….Shannon

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    This is MUCH NEEDED. Miscommunication tore apart my first marriage and i'm using it to build up my second marriage.

  3. Symphony
    Symphony says:

    Absolutely love it. I'm applying what you guys are teaching me and am enjoying the new me

  4. Traci
    Traci says:

    I so definitely need this. Thank yall for all that you do.

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