WIFE (Aiyana) caught HUSBAND (Ayize) Looking At Another Womans Butt + Outtake at End

VIDEO: by Ayize Ma’at When you are in a relationship it’s extremely important that trust and respect are present. If one of these key ingredients is missing it’s likely the other is absent as well. In this webisode we show you what trust is all about as we discuss an incident where my wife caught me looking at another woman’s booty. Yup…..I, Ayize Ma’at, a faithful husband and devoted marriage educator find other women besides my wife attractive. However, I as a marriage educator and loving / respectful husband am intentional about managing my emotions and appetite so i’m not investing in……everything I’m interested in. The ONLY “bank” where I make my deposits is owned and operated by my wonderful wife….Aiyana.

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  1. Tee Jenkins
    Tee Jenkins says:

    I LOVE it, "We got too many pluses, we got too many positives, we got too much invested in the bank account of our relationship…" You two are AWESOME!!! I just get warm fuzzies when I watch you two. Thank you for being so transparent and a positive example of how to make marriage work. You guys ROCK!!!!

  2. Deanna
    Deanna says:

    Yall are too cute

  3. Diana Grant
    Diana Grant says:

    Hi Ayize, I admire you for being so honest. I think this is just a normal thing about human. Looking at someone's butt is not a bad as long as you know the limitation. It is normal to admire beautiful things around you. Thank you for sharing this video…
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  4. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Thanks for keeping it real yall. I thought it was just me, Ayize let's work through this issue together you are not along Brother. Thanks for your help with Black Love and Marriages.

  5. Anna Renee
    Anna Renee says:

    Ooooh! I thought Ayize was gone be in TROUBLE!! Then when sister Aiyana admitted to looking at those FOINE brothers, I thought she was go be in TROUBLE! But yall are too blessed and always resolve everything just right.

  6. Lulu
    Lulu says:

    i love this vid. we are still human and are gng to look and its about the way u do it. i love ur channel.. and i know my hubby look sumtimes and hey dats fine shot i no he mines lol

  7. humblechick3000
    humblechick3000 says:

    HA! I remember a few times where I caught mine man doing that…. it is actually very funny because I would be like… "yea her booty is pretty big and nice" and he would start laughin and blushing and lookin at me like… "aww damn you caught me?" A woman sees everything!. Man…you gotta picka nd choose your battles…. is your man glancing at a booty every once in a while worth putting him in the dog house? naw….naw.

  8. Nikki H.
    Nikki H. says:

    Hubby and I attended the OMG concert last night featuring Usher and Trey Songz, an extremely sexy show was performed. i screamed with the best of them, but he didn't look upside my head for one minute. There were some gorgeous and shapely women there also and because I feel confident and secure in myself and his love for me, I didn't go off when he glanced at the women. I laughed internally because i can feel him tense up, its like he doesn't want me to see him even glance, but he's a man and it doesn't bother me. He even followed it up with, " Baby, you were looking too good tonight!" and truth be told, I really felt that I could have jazzed up a little more. For us, it boils down to this, he confrms it for me that he's still very attracted to me and it makes me want to please him all the more. I would like to add, that some of the things that women wear make it difficult to not look. Everything is advertised.

  9. MzDThatsMe
    MzDThatsMe says:

    Appreciating beauty didn't stop when we were married… Boundaries and respect are the key. I doubt that my husband knows that I've observed him – what it does for me is ques me to what he likes… I will tell you this – he IS consistent… He likes a certain "features" and the man is gonna look. He doesn't have roaming eyes, just drawn to what does "it" for him. And yes, I appreciate beauty as well and so does my nose – meaning, if I'm in proximity to a good smellin' man, my eyes follow my nose… Looking, appreciating, noticing, it's all natural. Nothing robotic about us when we met, nothing has changed, except our commitment to each other. I'm just sayin'…

  10. shuggabunny
    shuggabunny says:

    There's no need to pick a fight over petty stuff like an "innocent glance". Be thankful that he's looking at women and NOT on the DL scouting men

  11. BigED
    BigED says:

    My lady and I actually got into a huge argument over this. As soon as she saw me looking she said "i'm gonna make it a point to keep my eyes below a man's belt line" …..and then it was ON like Donkey KOng. It's refreshing to see a couple that can deal with this in a mature way. We gotta step our game up

  12. Raquel
    Raquel says:

    yall r too cute!!!

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