A Positive Deposit In The Lives Of Our Children

VIDEO: We are often complimented when we are out and about with our children on how well behaved our babies are. After smiling and showing appreciation for the compliment we usually give each other a look of affirmation that says “We’re doing a good job baby.” Because of the numerous compliments we get and inquiries on what we do to manage our children we decided to do more post that focus on parenting. In this video we share a key ingredient that we believe has led us to having success in raising well behaved and well adjusted children.


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5 replies
  1. @hrwilliams7
    @hrwilliams7 says:

    Wow…I needed this! I'm present…but there are times when I'm not. And being a single mom now, I can tell you that it's even more challenging to continuously make that investment when I'm dawg tired. LOL Thanks for the insight!

  2. Sally Akerti
    Sally Akerti says:

    Your? wonderful example.Thank you & God Bless.

    Much Love.

  3. Natural Hairful
    Natural Hairful says:

    That is all so true. My? children are now young adults living on their own now, but they come home to talk and get advice just as they would do when they were younger. I never wanted them to feel like they couldn't talk to me. So I did so much with with them when they were growing up. It paid off. 😉

  4. Patricia Knight
    Patricia Knight says:

    I agree with you both. Children measure our love by the amount of time/attention we give to them. God bless you for raising little ones that know they are valuable because they are loved.

  5. Bianca
    Bianca says:

    You guys are soooo inspirational and just plain down to earth. I love your videos. I will definitely be tuning in to get your parenting tips.

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