Are You Paralyzed By Fear In Your Relationship?

What does it mean to live in authentic connection?

Authenticity is permission we give ourselves to be real, to be who we are, consciously aware of warts and graces.  This permission frees us to give and live in relation to our self and others, especially key others, from a place of love, and not fear. Authenticity is knowing how to love our self, others and our life with our whole heart.

When we love with our whole heart, we feel safe enough to face our fears.

And, our deepest fears are not about spiders, snakes or bridges, which are surface fears.

Our deepest fears have to do with connection, closeness, intimacy, and relationships; they are matters of the heart.

It’s not the fears per se that get us stuck or take over our brain’s higher thinking functions, however. It’s our fear of fear. This fear stems from not knowing how to stop our brain from thinking anxious thoughts that produce an anxious mind, or eventually a depressed or emotionally numb mind.

At root, fear of intimacy is fear of knowing ourselves up close.

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