My Husband Is A Big Baby Sometimes…Is Yours?

By Aiyana Ma’at

It’s amazing to me how sickness can pass through the house and the main one who always seems to be “man down” is my husband.  I love him to death but dude really? lol  I know I’m not the only one in this boat because ALL of my girlfriends say the exact same thing….”My husband acts like a big baby when he’s sick”.  For the most part it’s all good because Mama is going to take care of you…BUT..many -a- times I’m thinking to myself…”Dude, is it really that serious? Does every cold have to be the Flu?” lol

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    BBREIDPRJT says:

    We're new to you guys – but by the time we're watching ALL of your videos, we'll be like family!!!
    You're so right – about men falling into pieces – so true… BTW: My hubby loves the Dead Prez Intro/outro music! Thank you for posting… I thought I was all alone. 🙂

  2. Tangie Jones
    Tangie Jones says:

    Lol, I thought it was just my husband. He acts like he's dying when he gets sick, & he sleeps all day. I basically have to brush it off & take medicine when I'm sick. I have kids too, so I can't sleep all day. I do agree that men seem to want that nurturing more like mom used to do.

  3. debbiea
    debbiea says:

    loool .. I love you both! Yes men can be babies sometimes .. I think what Ayize's saying is true .. I think the men just want to be pampered .. My dad's the same way when he's sick and just wants my mom to treat him like a little baby.. lolMy ex sometimes did that too .. but with him i rarely saw him that sick .. maybe because he mostly tries very hard with everything in him to not be sick but the rare times i did he did act like a baby :).

  4. Sirrah
    Sirrah says:

    Yes they are BIG BABIES

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