How To Get Some When You Ain’t Been Gettin None

VIDEO: Remember “Freaky Friday”? If you are over 25 then you can probably remember being in elementary school and anticipating chasing or being chased during recess time. Those were the days…….Now snap back to today…are you relishing the opportunity to pursue or be pursued by your spouse? Can your sex life be equated to a dry deserted desert or a fountain of fresh spring water?  Do you take the sex for granted? Do you dismiss your spouse’s attempts to get hot and heated with you? Well, wherever you fall…. listen in close to this video and allow us to help you get some (or give some)…..especially if you ain’t been gettin’ none.

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  1. Lanay
    Lanay says:

    Does any 1 think about women not “gettin any”…cuz ma husband doesn’t want it like I do…so I dnt no Wat to do

  2. Ronnie_BMWK
    Ronnie_BMWK says:

    Less stress = more sex!! That ain't nothing but the truth yall!!!

    No is a yes waiting to happen…well some times.. i would say more often than not ..that no can be turned to a yes..but some times NO really does mean No…If it is 2 am..and then that No is still probably no.

    Also do it when you do not feel like it is an excellent point. A lot of times I do not feel like it because I am tired from the day…but I say yes any way and usually am I glad that I did say yes!!!

  3. Mtoll
    Mtoll says:

    Yall took it back with "Freaky Friday" This was a great video. I'll make sure I show my wife the part where you say do it even when you don't want to. 🙂

  4. Kandi
    Kandi says:

    "Do it even when you don't want to"….Wow. That's a tough pill to swallow. I understand the value of what you are saying. I guess sometimes i have to put my ego and petty differences aside and do what's best for the relationship. Do I have to?..LOL

  5. Brooke
    Brooke says:

    I like this video and agree with it. I've had to learn to be more open in my marriage when it comes to my husband wanting some and me not feeling it, and also having to reflect on why I wasn't in the mood. I do however want to acknowledge that some people, particularly women, might find themselves in relationships that are abusive. So comments like "do it even when you don't feel like it," " and I want it when I want it" can be tricky. I know we're talking about healthy marriages, but I wanted to mention that some put on the facade of a healthy marriage/relationship when they really don't have one. I say this having worked with women who have been victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault. Just thought I'd bring that perspective. Peace.

    • Ayize
      Ayize says:

      Thanks for the comment Brooke. I appreciate you positing in the conversation how some of the purported ideas can be detrimental in abusive relationships. We agree with you it can be tricky. When abuse(physical,emotional, or mental) is present the rules for engaging in relationships definitely change.
      My recent post How To Get Some When You Ain’t Been Gettin None

  6. TeeK
    TeeK says:

    My father always told me persistence pays off. Let me keep it real….it doesn't feel good to be rejected and if women only knew what it felt like i think they would be more likely to say yes rather than no. I like when you said "a no is a yes waiting to happen".

  7. ChiDirtySouthGul
    ChiDirtySouthGul says:

    That's true! All of those things that some husbands don't think (makes women) tried are the very reason but with a little help day to day….I wouldn't be as tired….or tired at all…He can get da business everyday…lol I LOVE MY HUSBAND!!!

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