I Can’t Take It When He Gives Me The Silent Treatment

VIDEO: Sometimes things can get very stressful and tense in relationships….so much so that a timeout MAY be necessary. There is a big difference between taking a time out to get some space and perspective, clear your head, and calm down and taking an extended time out to the next level where it’s used as emotional abuse (consciously or subconsciously). This is called shutting down and it is a coping method that is unhealthy and has no place in marriage. If you are giving your spouse the “silent treatment” and this behavior is so chronic it becomes the “norm”…… that’s a MAJOR problem. Relationships require work to be successful….and both people need to be working on it. The work certainly can’t happen if one person won’t even get in the game.

Here, we give some advice to a young lady who says she just can’t take the long bouts of silence that her husband wages against her when he feels misjudged by her. She is feeling frustrated, disrespected and shut out by the one she loves the most and asks “What can I do?!” Please leave a comment or submit a video response letting us know what you think.

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  1. Rocco
    Rocco says:

    Unemployment has a major impact on a mans mental state. If his mind isn't with you it would be absurd to expect his emotions to be present.

  2. RKyndle
    RKyndle says:

    Great advice!!!! I think the intro and outro songs captured the intimacy she is trying to experience. "Baby take off your cool…I wanna see you…I wanna see you". priceless

  3. Fontaine
    Fontaine says:

    Good Morning, Thanks again Ma'ats. The piece on not shutting down and cutting each other some slack in the tense times is priceless. I forget that he may be just as stressed as I am but just deals with it differently.

    BTW ..Your hair and those earrings that matched that shirt to the "t" ms Ma'at ..Looks F.A.B…

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