My Husband Goes To Strip Clubs So Why Can’t I?

VIDEO: Marriage & Strip Clubs. Do they mix? Many couples feel that including this into their marriage has enhanced their relationship. They speak of the experience (going alone or together) as having allowed them to explore and share sexual fantasies with each other, be  vulnerable with each other in ways that they otherwise might not, and increase the physical and emotional intimacy between them. In the same token many couples feel that strip clubs take away from their relationship, increase the likelihood of lying and deceit in the relationship, encourage behavior that is not focused on building the love that they share with each other, and are generally just a bad idea. Well, opinions are like belly buttons…everybody has one. So, what we’d like to remind everyone is that it’s easy to focus on an activity and give it power that it DOES NOT have. For example, saying strip clubs make sex exciting or strip clubs encourage lying really isn’t the truth (…how many of us have done the same exact activity with two different people and had two totally different experiences? One’s a thrill! The other a bore. One is oh so honest. The other has a very hard time keeping it real.)—-no, it comes down to how the two people in the relationship are connected and how they communicate and genuinely look to each other to be transparent about their feelings and expectations. You and your spouse are the two people who give a definition of desire or disease to strip clubs. It’s you and your spouse who ultimately have the power to be vulnerable and “see through” in your communication. It comes down to the meaning that you and your spouse assign to strip clubs. It comes down to how you choose to utilize or not utilize strip clubs in your relationship…it comes down to the foundation the two of you have. Is your bond built on trust & confidence or on mistrust and doubt?

Here, we answer a viewer who says her husband goes to strip clubs and she has no problem with it. However, she recently wanted to go out to a strip club with some girlfriends…and he wasn’t feeling it. Double standard? Maybe. Maybe not. How should this be handled? Listen in to hear our opinion. As always feel free to leave a comment or submit a video response. We always love to hear what you think.

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  1. Rita
    Rita says:

    I do not believe any married couple should be in the strip club. Period.

  2. Corey
    Corey says:

    As someone who has worked in every type of bar (including strip clubs for both men and women) I think i can shed a lil light on the subject.
    The difference between male and female strippers is that female strippers just want their clients (for lack of a better word” money. They aint giving you their number and they dont want yours. Male strippers (being males) tend to have ulterior motives. They will dance all night get worked up and then work a woman out in the parking lot… I’ve seen it happen on more than one occasion. Aslo when women get together for these shows they tend to go a lot wilder than men. I am not an anthropolgist, and I certainly never hooked these women up to any kind of monitors, the amount of estrogen released at these functions is crazy and I know that back in my “hunting” days one of the best hunting grounds was “ladies night” at the strip club.
    So I understand why Bruh, may be a lil less than pleased with his wife going to see male strippers.
    Of course there are so many variables that we are getting with the story. Is his wife very attractive (nervous the stripper will want his woman )?  What kind of shape is he in (nervous she will stray due to bulging muscles)? …

    • Sunny D
      Sunny D says:

      Shhhhh…….. Don't tell all the secrets. LOL

  3. billcoton
    billcoton says:

    Marriage is a two way thing and we make a commitment to each other, this does not mean we rule the others life. If the husband has issues he should sit down and discuss them, if his wife is open minded enough to let him go to a strip club, then he should at least be prepared to hear his wife out. If he still says no this to me is a sign that he is not returning his wifes trust in him.

  4. Mrs. Swinson
    Mrs. Swinson says:

    I love ya'll! My husband and I have gone to the strip club together on several ocassions and it really spices things up. I'm so glad ya'll didn't come with the tired old "If you're married and go to a strip club you're going to hell!!" I mean, forreal like you said it's not that simple. It's really about the bond that the two people share and the commitment they have. I've been happily married for 11 years and me and my husband and I like to do different things together. But, it's because we're friends first and are honest with eachother that we can do that. The average marriage these days doesn't have friendship or honesty.

  5. will snowden
    will snowden says:

    if that dude has a problem with his wife going to the strip club then maybe he needs to look at himself and his level of self-confidence because if he is laying it down at home then his wife would'nt trip off of a stripper and its just entertainment

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