DMX and Iyanla “Fix My Life” In Review

When we watched Iyanla “Fix My Life” last week, we were like WOW!!  We were stunned at how the show went down.  The show featured DMX and apparently was supposed to be solely focussed on his addiction to women. Wrong!!!  This episode focussed on his addiction to women for hot second and then shifted to his addiction to drugs and his contentious relationship with his son.  Well it got pretty interesting from there and eventually lead to DMX calling Iyanla a B!t@h.  Check out the video above and share with us your thoughts.

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  1. Ally
    Ally says:

    Good over view of the episode. I found that Iyanla was out of line a few times. And when I say out of line, I mean that in the sense of not being in line in the spirit. She reacted and walked in her flesh in a few instances. In a way it was good to see that we are all human and we all have “stuff” that we have not mastered even when we are working in a masterly space such as being a coach in life as she is.
    There were so many missed opportunities on that episode of healthiness and I felt that she started out appearing to have it in for him. When he felt safe enough to cry and tellher his hurt and his story..Her first response was “Don’t ever tell that story like that again” oR something to that effect. I looked at his face and said wow…she just lost him….
    I don’t believe that in his world he GOT what she was saying because he is not in the Iyanla/Oprah, Dr. Drew kind of lifestyle….
    I trust that she will have another chance to visit this again, she is a great asset to life and so is he…

  2. Mai Bateson
    Mai Bateson says:

    The change should be happening on your own self. Help yourself in knowing what's good for your life. If you're able to love yourself then everything else will follow.

  3. V Diddy
    V Diddy says:

    DMX showef he was getting frustrated, and asked her plenty of times could he just talk to his son and she keot disrespecting and not letting him grt his words out and tell his sob where his heart was and is, she should have sat back without him going there byt it wasnt until he went there that she shut up. So if he hadnt had did that she would havr kept the same thing going sometimee you got to raise your voice to a woman to let her know hey im serious.

  4. Yung Marrow
    Yung Marrow says:

    Hey don't mindy profile pic I was a lil immature when made this YouTube…I wanna thank you for you're advise..I'm 21 (well I just turned 21) my girl is 17 she'll turn 18 in August ..we're young..we plan to be together we want to get married and sheaves me feel like a king and I do the same for her…she leaves for collage in August's hard fore cause yeah she's leaving but your story and advise about long distance helped ease my mind…I have goals and I plan to follow threw for us.

  5. getitgurl
    getitgurl says:

    In my opinion, DMX was child like in his interview.
    He threw temper tantrums when he didn't get his way; he did want to take responsibility for almost anything.
    Everything in his life was done TO HIM and not BY HIM.
    Iyanla could have helped out differently, but you can't save anyone who does not want to be saved.
    Just because you're a grown male DOES NOT make you a man.
    Men handle things differently…. in my opinion.

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