Get Out Of My Life..Out Of My Hair..Out Of My Mind..THERE’S NO LOVE IN THERE!

By Ayize Ma’at

Love is complicated.  Tucked beneath the coquettish glances, tender touches, and whispered sweet nothings exist a hidden side.  A side that is hollow, drab, painful….questioned.  At we strive to capture love in it’s entirety.  Our audience appreciates us for that.  We show you the good, the bad, and the ugly aspects of love in a myriad of ways with the hope that you’ll gain insight and the inspiration to STOP PLAYING AND START PUSHING toward a better you and a better life.  Yall appreciate that about us and our site….and have demonstrated/expressed on a consistent basis that a 100% real approach is what you want and what you need.

I’ve been sitting on this song for a while ….just wondering how I could play it on our site.  I’ve wrestled with whether the song is too negative for our platform.  I’ve wrestled with whether it sends the wrong message.  Finally the other day it was placed on my spirit to play it….because someone needs to hear it.  We keep it real here at with the intention of building better families and better communities.  So indulge me for a moment while we give voice to the anger, frustration, rage, or “GET THE F*CK OUTTA MY LIFE” that you might be feeling right now in your relationship.

We know these feelings are real.  We know someone reading this or listening to this song is crying because of a recent situation in their relationship.  We know there’s someone out there that needs to leave, that needs to move on, that needs to begin anew.  We know there’s someone out there that’s screaming internally and is looking for an opportunity to give voice to their pain.  We know you’re probably feeling like you don’t wanna work SH$T out.  We know, we know, we know.  It’s O.K. to be angry. It’s O.K. to be PISSED AS HELL.  We feel you.  We feel you feeling it.  After you’re done screaming….after you’re done punching the pillow….after you’re done crying….PLEASE KNOW…Just because you feel it…it doesn’t mean you have to act on it.  The choice is yours.

*Note* Special shout out to Saul Williams for this track FEARLESS.

Ayize Ma’at is Co-founder and President of B Intentional, LLC, the Relationship Education company that owns and operates, the premiere cutting edge Marriage and Family web publication with the largest collection of love and marriage advice videos for African Americans. He is a Marriage & Relationship Educator certified in various Singles and Marriage Education curriculums and has a passion for inspiring others to grow and gain a deeper understanding of love. He is a devoted husband and the proud father of 4 amazing children.

4 replies
  1. Antoine
    Antoine says:

    Fairytales ain't real. Keep telling the truth about love. Yes it looks and feels good but it hurts like hell too.

  2. Nikki H.
    Nikki H. says:

    I'm glad that you posted it. Long overdue.

  3. James
    James says:

    This is exactly the space i'm in right now:@

  4. Vivian
    Vivian says:

    Very very RAW!!!! Thank you for posting this. I needed to get that scream out.

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