How Long Will You Let Your Relationship Linger In LIMBO?

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By Ayize Ma’at

It’s very common to hear people complaining and expressing frustration over the space their relationship is in.  Folks are always looking for the next available ear to unload their “dirt” in hopes that there will be some kind of kindred spirit connection around familiar chaotic circumstances.  Unfortunately, while it’s VERY common to witness dating couples, newly weds, and established weds complaining, it is UNCOMMON to see people demonstrate initiative to make things better.  I will acknowledge, as ignorant as it sounds, sometimes it’s comfortable living in chaos.  There is a certain predictability, familiarity, and assuredness that accompanies staying in the space that you are in.  However, I think that if we are REAL with ourselves, we are staying in the space that we are in, specifically as it pertains to our relationships….because WE’VE ACCEPTED A SPIRIT OF RESIGNATION.  We’ve emotionally tapped out and quietly settled with the thought “it is what it is”.

No…no…no…no…NO!  I emphatically shout that to men, women, and families that have chosen to take an apathetic approach to their relationships.  HOW LONG WILL YOU LET YOUR RELATIONSHIP LINGER IN LIMBO?  You go through your days accepting the next apparent move instead of being intentional and choosing the right move.  Your relationship with yourself, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your fiance’, your spouse……DOES NOT HAVE TO STAY THE SAME.  However, I promise you that YOU and the condition of your relationship will remain the same OR GET WORSE unless you do something different.  I implore you to do something different…..stop lingering in limbo and live your love with intention.  With a heartfelt nudge I urge you to CLICK HERE and GET LOVE RIGHT!

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  1. Kamirarenee
    Kamirarenee says:

    Great advice! So True. I'm glad I madethe decision to split from my ex when I did. I acknowleged behaviors and situations won't change unless they make a change. I refuse to just be in a relationship in limbo and "lets see if it? gets better". No it won't. It'll be the same or worse. Never sacrifice your own self worth or respect for anyone. It was hard to part initially but I felt so great afterwards looking back. no regrets. 🙂

  2. loveedigveggies1004
    loveedigveggies1004 says:

    Great advice!!!!! What I learned is many people do the same things but expect different? results. I love you guys you ALWAYS have great and inspiring advice.

    • Kamirarenee
      Kamirarenee says:

      That is? so true. I split from my ex for the same reason. He used excuses and had a victim mentality for his life not getting to the next level. Fast forward 2 years…he's still in the same place! SOme people do the same thing over and over and expect different results. That's the definition of insanity.

  3. JamaicanCutie18
    JamaicanCutie18 says:

    kinda weird how much you guys look? alike

  4. epd0126
    epd0126 says:

    OK.. either all of my problems are very common OR you know me personally? which one is it

  5. Joseph
    Joseph says:

    RING THE ALARM!!!!!!!! Thanks for the wake up call brotha

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