Love Is A Liberating Experience….. If You Are Willing To Take The Risk

By Team BLAM

Video: Love is a liberating experience …..if you are willing to take the risk.  If you are willing to risk being vulnerable, exposed, hurt, restored, renewed, and healed love can be a liberating experience for you.  However in order to be “liberated” by love you’ve got to be willing to break free from the current comfort zone in your relationship and endure being scared as you establish a new way of being.  That new way of being may feel awkward at first, you may even resist it…but as long as you remain committed to the process we guarantee that you’ll come to realize that love is a liberating experience and love can feel so damn good…if you are willing to take the risk.

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  1. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    Truly love this video because I was in a relationship where I didn't say the words, I love you because I was scared of getting hurt and he pulled away from relationship in general just because he wasn't ready for love again due to broken heart, thank you so much for this video because its so true, we don't know how to really love each other agape style, and its time to get back there for marriages to be prosperous!

  2. Tonya Williams
    Tonya Williams says:

    Love this particular video, thanks for breaking this topic down in a way that everyone can understand. Timing is amazing, had this same conversation with my boyfriend on last night.

  3. Briana 20andEngaged
    Briana 20andEngaged says:

    That advice was right on point. So many of us are in our shell and refuse to open up in fear that we might get hurt. What we don't realize is that it's when we're truly open and vulnerable that we can reach that level of liberating, mind blowing, breath taking, amazing LOVE! There is simply no other feeling than loving someone who loves you back, and you're both in it as vulnerable as can be. I can tell that's where you two are. Love it!
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  4. Natalie
    Natalie says:

    Thanks Fam for the love motivation

  5. Larue
    Larue says:

    Yall's chemistry is FIYAHHH!! I love watching the way you interact. The way you flow is as educational as what you say. Thank yall

  6. Ms J
    Ms J says:

    You are soooo right,all of this single girl's senses are WIDE open when it comes to LISTENING to your advice…if you only knew just how on point you have been re where im at in my life with these videos,you would NEVER stop recording and uploading this MAGNIFICENT LOVE!!!
    I hope u see my heart in those words above…
    Blessings in Abundance!!!
    ps today i PUSHED it….with some1that im interested in being with…WHAT A RELIEF!!! LOL omg,he was TOTALLY okay with it…:-)

  7. keyboard queen
    keyboard queen says:

    Im in a new relationship and that was some of the best relationship advice on LOVE. made sense and it was so simple…why didn't i ever think of it like that…

  8. Ebb Tide
    Ebb Tide says:

    Y'all had me waving my hand and shouting AMEN! Lol. You guys were speaking directly to me today. Thanks for the advice. Keep it coming and God bless.

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