Man To Man–“Stop Cheating!”

VIDEO: I want to make sure we’re straight on this. All Black Men Do Not Cheat!!! However, for the men who do I challenge you to step up to the plate and be a real man. Take responsibility in your relationship by showing commitment, integrity, love, patience, and discipline. If you ain’t ready for it then don’t step into it. It’s time to get grown….It’s time to give your woman all the loving she deserves.

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  1. Justin Mullen
    Justin Mullen says:

    For some men their issues are environmental and in some cases biological. We've become accustomed to western civilization where monogamy is standard. In other parts of the world poligamy is practiced because of the urge for men to be fruitful and multiply. Some people would argue that multiple women for men is an inate quality. Im not saying im for or against either or but instead of bashing men lets try to find solutions to help them! Peace

  2. ruleyourwife
    ruleyourwife says:

    That's my boy.How on point are you — RIGHT on point!!! Brother's want to claim to be men, but then act and react like little boys pretending to be kings. And then what to find all kinds of bullshit excuses for being little boys.

    Dude, usually when I see you, you are smooth and cool. But this post your collar is a little ruffled. But that's cool, cuz we need STRONG, INTELLIGENT, SMOOTH brothers like you to set the tone for many of these chumps believing they are champs.

  3. Reneemo
    Reneemo says:

    Ayize, continue to keep it real!!! I really liked: "Relationships are for GROWN FOLKS!!! YES!! Time for play is ova!!

  4. Bnina
    Bnina says:

    I'm glad you said this. Black men need to hear it and black women need to know that all black men don't cheat. Thanks for the straight talk.

  5. Chris
    Chris says:

    Homie you were thorough with this one. It's rare to see black men telling other black men to stop cheating. What you usually see is the wink and the head nod.

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